(Amended) Bill of Rights.

Two wrongs don’t make a right… But two ‘Right’s often make a ‘wrong’.

Just because you think you have a ‘Right’ to do something, does not make that something the RIGHT thing to do.

Your Rights are NEVER to be seperated from your Responsibilities (to others, as well as to yourself!)

The Right thing to do is seldom the one we think of first! (and never if the only love in it is love of self. ie. from ego)

‘God-given’ Rights are rarely the ones we claim they are and are never given without a commensurate Responsibility we need to observe and obey.

“Late Amendment:”

It is not a matter of being on the ‘winning side’ – but of being on the ‘Right’ side. ie. His side.

It is important for each of us that we are on His ‘side’ and not on the side of those who, out of pride and envy, vainly boast Him to be on ‘theirs’.

God is not on your side – He’s on His. All are welcome to join Him. All it will cost you is your life.*

* for any who might be so inclined – taking another’s life from them when you give up yours to Him definitely excludes you from membership! 😉


  1. Alece- that is so key…we forget the difference in privilege vs. rights. that has been on my heart lots lately.

    Love- I have more thoughts for this..as soon as I get some time to check it out first…loving my LOVE!


  2. Hey! Hopped on over here from Mandy’s blog. Great thoughts. Thank you for sharing your life and being willing to still learn at the old age of 50 🙂

    Kiddin’, of course, about the age.


  3. Welcome Cindy, and Thank you!

    I have seen some examples of your sense of humour on Miss Mandy’s Blog! 😉

    We could be best of friends… but watch the age jokes! 😉
    And i am still in my forties! ( for another few months!) – not that i’m sensitive or anyfink 😉


  4. Great thoughts Love. I like your ideas here, and as funny as this sounds, it brings back memories from when I got my drivers license. Throughout the book and people at the DMV could not tell me enough that it was a PRIVILEGE to drive, not a RIGHT.

    I also like the idea that Jesus is not on our side, He is on His side. But we can join His team. I like that idea, because I have always thought of it as Jesus is on my side, but in reality, I have been on His side all along.

    God Bless


  5. Thanks T-man! 🙂

    i like the connection with the DMV. If we treat our ‘rights’ as privileges that can be given, as well as taken away from us if we transgress, i tend to hope that will encourage us into doing more ‘right’ than wrong.

    i hope i’m right? 😉

    As to the latter, i think that is a very important ‘distinction’ all are to learn.. if we think He is on our side that can lead us to believe it is more ‘us’ who is being ‘right’ – and we know we are less than perfect.

    If we can turn it around so that we try to fit us into Him who is perfect ( even as He was made Flesh), then i believe that will help us overcome the perils our own powerful and deceptive ego leads us into.

    Even so – we still need to exercise great care that we never ‘pervert’ His thoughts into our personal ones, but rather, bring our thoughts ‘captive’ unto Him.

    Does that sound ‘right’? 🙂


  6. Right on the money, I think you hit the mark on that one. I agree that when we feel that God is on our side that it makes it seems like what we do is “okay” because if it weren’t then God would not be on our side and we could do what ever we wanted to do and justify it by saying, “well God is on my side.”

    But when we are on His side, we have to fit the part to be on His side. God has high standards. We do not have to be a perfect match to get on his side, we can actually be the complete opposite. But once we are on His side, we start to be molded into that perfect match.

    Pretty cool stuff man, keep it up!

    God Bless


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