Is our Spirtual Compass ‘drifting’??


The Chief Priests of Jerusalem would certainly have been aware what it meant to be ‘in spirit’ and believed THEY knew The Father…

But Jesus told them: had they known the Father, they would know Him also; and that ‘they know not what they do’ when He asked forgiveness for them of His Father; of God Himself.

It is easy for us to fool ourselves we are being ‘righteous’ and ‘in spirit’ when we are actually moving slowly, day-by-day, away from Him, from His Spirit.

WE need to be ever watchful of where our spirit (and our Heart) is leading us. If it is leading us away from the Truth in His Word then we need to re-adjust ourselves and not continue in our self (flesh) assured foolishness. If we are not doing as He commands (loving HIM with all we are, loving all others equally, forgiving, doing unto all others as we would have done unto us, etc) then we know we need to adjust. To correct our course and our spiritual ‘compass’…. back to that of the True ‘North’ (not moving instead towards the ‘East’, or the ‘West’) But ‘straight Up’.


  1. Thank You Leesh, D and Rach. Tam has a very good question up there and it is something i failed to make clear so…

    Here’s my view, but i’d be interested in those of everyone else in case i’m ‘off North’ a little…

    Our Spirit is of Him but ‘in’ us. It cannot lead us away from Him but is there to lead us to Him ( like the ‘needle’s magnetism being drawn to His magnetism’s ‘centre’ and pointing the way for us to ‘follow’)

    The problem is we are mostly flesh – not spirit – and we do not fully ‘connect’ with our/His Spirit perfectly, or all that ‘often’. When we make an effort to ‘listen’ to our spirit and keep it ‘in us’ (our awareness/conscious being) we get ‘over-confident and start to think that we ‘have it’ (our spirit/His Spirit’s ‘true intent’) in our consciousness and think we are following it when, bit by bit, we are following more our own misunderstandings and not the true Spirit that is speaking to our minds/hearts from within.

    I believe Jesus was able to stay fully ‘in Spirit’ – aware of the True Spirit at all times and not let His flesh overtake that at all – that this is what He wants for each one of His followers – to follow His Way.

    It is by no means easy to achieve – but we can all develop more of that ability when we learn how to listen to the spirit (‘stay’ in spirit – in His Spirit – in Him) and not let our flesh mind corrupt it – the day to day events of our own little ‘worlds’ here on earth that we are so very closely attached and tied to – even when we wish we were not.

    It is always ‘the earth’ – which our flesh is made of – which pulls us away from the True North’, not our spirit. It is our conscious mind believing that it ‘has the spirit’ that is responsible for ‘good’ people (such as Chief Priests of Jerusalem) being able to do ‘bad things’, even if they cannot see them as bad (know not what they do), but see them as ‘of/for God’).

    Mind and spirit are not the same ‘stuff’.

    Does that make sense?


  2. Hey Love. (And I mean that in a totally platonic sense. 😉 )

    I’ve never visited you here before (although I see you everywhere else. I know all these lovely ladies who have commented so far.)

    I recently met Travis (friend of Tam’s) who posted about a conversation that apparently you had started. I found Travis’s thoughts (although I can’t find the beginning of the conversation here – sorry for all the paranthetical remarks) explosive, and just posted on them myself. So … thanks for the beginning of the thought train!

    God bless, brother!


  3. Hi Ric 🙂 i can find myself feeling the same way – usually because i have failed to ‘build’ upon a solid ‘Rock’ and let myself get shifted and swayed like a sandbar in a string flowing river.

    Our spirit can ‘speak’ to us n many ways and on many topics – but it still remains ‘true’ – it is always us – the beings of flesh, blood and bone – that ‘move’ (spin) around and about it as we alter our thoughts and learning trying to ‘reform’ into consciousness what the spirit is remaining ‘True’ to in itself.

    We simply see it from a new perspective at various times and think it is different when it is us who have ‘changed’ position.


  4. Hi D 🙂 The beach is always wonderful! – even when it is raining and cold and windy and wet 🙂

    I just don’t go quite as often at those times 😉

    Next time i do – i’ll be there for you and Tam 🙂 That will probaly be while the sun is Shining!

    love you!



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