Love your enemies….

A brother on the other side of this world to me has a great post here.

As i read it it reminded me of something that crossed my mind earlier in my day.

‘Love your enemies – it drives them crazy!’

That comment we have probably all heard and maybe most have laughed with.

It was not until this morning however that i saw something new in it…

Whoever wrote that did not have a CLUE about Love.

There is nothing wrong with the command of Jesus to love your enemies – those who spitefully use you, who beat you, who persecute you. He said we are to pray for them – not exact revenge out of spite and hate.

Jesus loved those who placed Him upon the cross and forgave them – ‘for they know not what they do’.

They (the one’s who delivered Him to the Governor and demanded his death, when given every chance to reprieve him) knew exactly what they were doing – they were doing exactly what they wanted because of their own fear and prejudices – their own selfish need to be ‘right’ and prove Him, their ‘enemy’,  ‘wrong’.

That thinking lives on today so obviously – and yet we who claim to know Him and believe Him can’t begin to see it in ourselves – or actually DO anything about bringing about the required, commanded ‘change’ and walk in His Way.

Loving your enemies will not drive them crazy – they are crazy enough already – that is the main reason they ARE your enemies, and seem to hate you for ‘no good reason’ other than they must just be filled with hate – so you hate them and cry out for ‘justice’ and to ‘blow them back to the stone age’.

Loving your enemies actually shows them your (His) love – it is a lot easier for THEM to love someone who loves them than it is to hate someone who loves them and shows it – especially when that love is backed up with actions that match.

But can any of us return love for ‘hate’? Can any of us be as Jesus and love someone who hates us enough to want us dead; love them enough to understand them and to offer them His solution – not our own selfish ones? Where we try to get what we want because we ‘know not what we do’?

Can any of us stop offering reasons why we don’t just long enough to start taking action and looking instead for reasons why we should… love our enemies?

Or shall we leave that up to someone else to do for us – or do first so we can stay just how we are untill we see others put into practice what we say we so strongly believe in??

OK – i’ve convicted me. i’ve looked at the way i think of and treat some people poorly and some ‘types’ and ‘classes’ of people the same… did i convict anyone else?

Please add a comment below.


  1. I am convicted! it seems this needs to be first in my mind..and not always is. Awesome post, i really need to sit today and read alll that I have missed here! still LOVE you LOVE!


  2. Thank You Darla – and Ric.

    It’s all to easy for me to love those who love me (do not even publicans do the same?) my REAL ‘test’ comes when i look at how i hate others -why i do so, and can i live up to His name and love them instead?

    i should – i can – i Will as it is His Will.

    Awesome what the Amish community did Ric – would that all of our country’s might do as they! It has to start somewhere. Where better than with ‘me’?

    love to you both.


  3. Hey love 🙂 I have missed you dearly; just wanted to begin my comment with that. I love you 🙂

    A year ago, when I was working at the domestic violence shelter, God prompted me [during my morning-drive-to-work-prayer-time] to pray for the ability to walk in love with those at work and to be an effective witness for Him. BOY, did He answer that prayer?! Like you said, loving someone who loves you is easy. The walking in love and witnessing pieces come in when people don’t love you, who aren’t easy to love, who persecute and treat you poorly. A few days into that prayer of mine, my supervisor became a total nightmare [in worldly terms lol]. She was horrible to me. She criticized everything I did. She would call me in her office for small things. She was never available to help in decisions she needed to be a part of and when I made them due to deadline constraints, she blasted me for not consulting her. It was truly a test of walking in love for me. Still, I prayed and prayed for the ability to do it and I did. I was never rude. I was never reactive. I always smiled and I always spoke even when she didn’t speak to me.

    Long story short, one day, after maybe 2 months of the above happening, everything changed. She started to show me love. She started to respond when I spoke to her. She praised me for my work and she spent time talking to me about how great my program was doing and how I was her most trusted employee. My annual review/evaluation was nothing less than perfect. In fact, my last day of work, she hugged me and cried and said the agency was losing their best employee.

    That was a season of growth for me; to truly recognize the power of God’s love that is inside of us, ready to be used for His glory. By the way, she wasn’t a believer but she knew I was, and I know she believed that was the reason why I never reacted to her treatment towards me. Glory to God. He is so awesome!


  4. g! 😀 even knowing how Great He is – i’m still full of wonder at how strongly you live ‘in’ Him. Inspirational!

    Sis – you’re welcome, i assure you 🙂

    Rachel – when we TRULY are ‘in spirit’ we see with eyes of spirit, the rest of the time we see with eyes of flesh – like the Chief Priests of His day who saw what they wanted to see, not what Truly was.

    Our goal should be to learn how to stay ‘in spirit’ for ever longer periods here on earth and not live so much in the flesh.

    Not an easy thing for me – but the will IS there! 🙂


  5. Concerning being ‘in spirit’ and ‘knowing not what they do…’ The Chief Priests of Jerusalem would certainly have been aware what it meant to be ‘in spirit’ and believed THEY knew The Father…

    But Jesus told them Had they known the Father they would know Him also and that ‘they know not what they do’ when He asked forgiveness for them of His Father; of God Himself.

    It is easy for us to fool ourselves we are being ‘righteous’ and ‘in spirit’ when we are actually moving slowly , day-by-day, away from Him, from His Spirit.

    WE need to be ever watchful of where our spirit (and our Heart) is leading us. If it is leading us away from His Word then we need to re-adjust ourselves and not continue in our foolishness. If we are not doing as He commands (loving, forgiving, doing unto all others as we would have done unto us, etc) then we know we need to adjust. To correct our course and spiritual ‘compass’…. back to that of the True ‘North’.

    Maybe that should be a post?? 🙂


  6. I am in a situation where I live and care for my father in law. This man and I had never been friends or close. He treated my mother in law badly. It always made me want to just smack him. honestly.

    A health situation happened with him about a year ago. I wasn’t working that summer and spent the entire time taking care of him. I found myself driving him to daily appointments at the hospital, doctors appointments. I would do all the pharmacy running as well as the paying of his bills and dealing with his corespondence. This required me to spend a lengthly amout of time with him.

    This was the period that I call my “Learning to Love Like Jesus”. I have a deep love for him now. He does still drive me nuts at times but nowhere does it say that they can’t perturb us. We just have to love them. When he went in for an amputation this year, I was by his side from start to finish. My husband couldn’t get answers from the doctors but they would jump when I walked in the room. My father in law told them not to mess with me because I am protective of those I love.

    That is my testimony regarding learning to love like Jesus. I have been able to utilize the skills I learned dealing with Mel on others too. I am not perfect by any means but I feel as if I have at least made a big leap.

    I loved this post. I have been reading your comments on others sites and then after you were the Doer at Mandy’s I felt led here. I am enjoying your post alot. Thanks


  7. Thank you T, for your sharing, and for reading my post 🙂

    That is an amazing example of turning a part of us around and into Him and i love that you were both able to extend yourself and then see ways that can be further ‘incorporated’ into who you are with others also.


    Knowing something (about Christ) is one thing – doing that thing in yourself is often quite another, as i know all to well 😉

    i hope we all continue making such leaps 🙂


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