Dream Weaver.

You never know when something you say or do is going to mean something so important to someone else that it becomes a life-changing moment.

I think it is important to recognise those moments in your own life when they occur… i might have just had one courtesy of Rachel.

Rachel wrote this on a post…

“So, why are some of us living life without a dream? I believe the truth is that many live a dreamless life for a number of possible reasons.

1. We have failed to realize our own potential. *
2. We do not understand that each of us were created for a specific purpose.
3. We lack vision.
4. We are not willing to make the sacrifice necessary to achieve our dream, so we never even begin.
5. We feel that the work to be done to get there is too hard, and the cost is too high.
6. We lack awareness of our own belief and value system.
7. We lack motivation and drive….”

i need to keep those seven sentences somewhere SAFE!

i also need to pass them on to anyone else out there.

i love the thought that: Dreams make the Best Reality.

* ‘Realize’ has several definitions ( including ‘to bring into Reality’). i would probably have said ‘recognise’, as in: see that i (we) have our own potential (for displaying His Greatness from within us).



  1. yup. her post got me too! for me, the first part of 5 is the one that resonates the most. i tend to shy away from things that might be too hard. i’m sure it has something to do with my childhood. i remember trying and trying and trying to do things “bigger” than me, feeling as if i succeeded, only to be told i did horrible or was horrible at it. i guess its still one of those stinkin anchors holding me down, eh?


  2. First I must say how thankful I am that something I said is truely impacting people’s lives! How cool is that? I am so glad that this post (written very much out of my own personal lessons) has hit home and sparked the fire to dream within you. The dreams are within us all, sometimes we just need someone to reach in and help us pull it out. Thank you for letting words from my heart reach yours. 🙂


  3. Mo – Welcome and you are welcome 🙂 Any friend of Alece is a friend of mine 🙂 Okaaaayy , maybe not the Anti-blogger! heh-heh! 😉

    Tam – There are many more ‘anchors’ from our childhood than we most ever get to realise. i know some of your past and how strong and ‘deep’ those anchors are/were chained to you and how well you have ‘sailed’ since they were first dropped. in some ways the circumstances surrounding them have made you strong! i hope you continue to grow as wonderfully well as you have so far in His Love for you. if ever i can do anything, you know i will do all i possibly can 🙂

    Rachel – ‘sometimes we just need someone to reach in and help us pull it out’ i feel that is so true, for me and so very many others also.
    The thing is though, i also believe that it is up to every one of us to learn about ourselves and what makes us ‘tick’ and to find His helping ‘hand’.

    WE can all receive help form and offer help to others in life but He also made us in His image and He did not NEED any help Creating everything. A father longs for the day when his children learn to grow up and stand on their own two feet – not in isolation from society – but as a leading light to it. The strength lies within us, if we can be in constant contact with Him.

    The strength is inside me to Dream and to realise it. it is possible someone somewhere could help me find it quicker, but it is also very possible that that same person may inadvertently distort or alter my own Dream in some way.

    It is a difficult issue for me.

    And for many others i suspect.

    Again, Thank You! for the words you wrote and posted from your heart for all to read 🙂


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