Road Hazard Ahead!

Why do i love living in Aus?

Besides the Great Climate (ignoring ‘Winter’ mornings June through August); The great beaches; the great food; the great hospitality; the equality; the mateship; the great beaches; the beautiful women; the clean air; the magnificent blue skies and the perfect light; the magnificent beaches; the incomparable lifestyle; the incredible flora and out of this world fauna – OH!, and did i mention the great beaches? i forget?…

It’s because of things like This that you won’t see ANYwhere else in this or any other world…


A prize to the best and reasonably accurate response to the q: What is a, or are, Bandicoots???

(Bonus prize if you can catch one or more on camera and post it!)



  1. “Often confused with rodents, bandicoots are small, omnivorous marsupials. They are found throughout Australia, and can be common in coastal areas of NSW. Three species of bandicoot can be found in NSW: long-nosed bandicoots, southern brown bandicoots, and northern brown bandicoots.”

    and yes. i cheated. one word…Google 😉

    besides, i don’t use words like “marsupials”

    what’s my prize?


  2. OK, I get the blue skies and great beaches…the flora and fauna makes total sense…even the kangaroos…but BANDICOOTS!!

    Come on, they’re just glorified rats!!! Yeah, y’all like to give them fancy names and place them in their own category/taxonomy but really….RATS! 😯


  3. “Y’all like to give them fancy names…” HAHAHA!!! 😆 that’s funny Michelle!

    And Tam totally beat me to google!! 😕 hmph.

    I giggled when you said “beautiful women” heehee For some reason I had a mental image of you walking the beach ooh and aaahing. heehee


  4. “For some reason I had a mental image of you walking the beach ooh and aaahing”

    and i bet you are RIGHT ON too!!!

    mmm..hmmmmm 😉


  5. You ladies crack me up 🙂

    Tam? read the contest rules carefully… i didn’t say the FIRST person to answer… i said the BEST answer.

    Yours is in the top three at present – entries are still being accepted. Photo’s need only be ‘linked’ not actually contained in the answer.

    Judges will consider accuracy, brevity, cuteness and special consideration will be given to any who mention my local species of bandicoot ( i love the sound of that name!)

    ‘Chelle? your coming last at present – Rats? Hmph!

    Quokka’s are like rats… reely reely BIG ones! 😉


  6. Bwan? Tam?

    i do NOT ‘Oooh!’ or ‘Aaah!’ as i walk along the beaches here.

    Those are difficult sounds to make when your tongue is dragging in the sand! 😉

    I suffer many many whiplash injuries – our beaches ARE beautiful – but they can be quite dangerous places.


  7. a bandicoot is a little fury ugly thing that makes me wanta kind puke. in the states here, creatures of this nature are quite frequently known as road kill. In fact, more often than not, they are aimed for and are the unfortunate party to many vehicular “accidents”. oopsies 🙂

    Occasionally, another CUTE little fury creature will do the job a car normally does.


  8. Ok…serious answer:

    Bandicoots were thought of as rodents for a long time but eventually were found to be marsupials (think: possum, kangaroo, koalas, wallabees and wombats). They are about half the size of cats and some have ears like rabbits. Pig-footed bandicoots used to live in Southern and Western Australia – but alas, they are now extinct. I’m thinking the Southern Brown Bandicoot would find your area of the country habitable.

    Have I redeemed myself?


  9. i love koalas!

    not that i’ve come face to face with one.

    but love them in pics.

    this is off topic, i think?

    but then again, i enjoy being off topic.

    so i’m not a bit sowi. heheheheeh 😉

    G’morning all!



  10. Hiii BT 🙂

    A Koala being a marsupial and an Australian Native is pretty much on topic – they are not often on Road Signs though – usually posing no danger to cars other than falling on them from the top of an overhanging gum tree! 🙂

    If you come over to Perth – i’ll introduce you to one ( Jumbuck by name) and you can hold him 🙂


  11. Tam – no limit on contest entries per person but your last one has slipped you back to fifth place! *kind of want to puke?”

    Michelle – you were doing fine… then you liked Tam’s comment! 😉

    Tam’s pic is yet another reason i am not going to ever make ‘Cat lover of the Year!’ 😦

    One of the reasons This and other Australian small fauna are becoming extinct is because of feral cats let loose by ‘nice’ people who like cats – until cats do what they love to do and leave 14 little adorable kittens lying around the place 😦

    The BANDICOOTS sign is to ask people to slow down and AVOID making them roadkill – not to watch out for and speed up as you head for them Thank You Tammy Jo! 😳


  12. Tam,

    Have you forgotten?
    He sees gophers as ‘neighbors’ to be ‘loved’ =).

    But you wouldn’t like it that I like spiders either
    (all but the poisonous kind anyway).



  13. D- you like spiders? aye-yi-yi!

    and….oh-NO – I have not forgotten about the gophers and moles. That was mine and Love’s first meeting. A bit turbulent if i’m remembering correctly 😉 at least on Loves part 😀


  14. T,
    Yes, I really do like spiders, especially the jumping ones…they have such ‘personality’ =)!

    I had a spider collection for a Field Biology class my senior year of college. The worst part was having to kill them for the presentation, but I couldn’t figure out a way to do that keeping them all alive. I should have just taken pictures I guess ={.

    I did keep one jumping spider alive in an ant farm (just the glassed in frame – no ants =) and caught flies to feed to him live.

    I still find them very interesting, and only kill black widows or brown recluses (haven’t found one of those yet, and hope not to!).



  15. Ahh D you might love Aus.. we have lots of weird creepy crawlies and many spiders 🙂 Our Red-Back is a relative of the black widow – quite poisonous but rarely kills people these days despite being common in people’s back yeards or storage spaces out doors. Fortunatley WA does not have Funnel-web spiders – large, savage, deadly, beasts you don’t want to mess with.! We leave those for the Eastern Stater’s 😉

    Sis – Tam was quite the antagonsist to my desire to offer love to B and T’s Moley ‘friends’ at their old place

    I think she had anger issues – probably from her love/hate relationship with Miss Mandy of TM TV fame.

    love overcomes all howver – sooner or later… now she’s a pussycat 🙂

    Sometimes though i still think she sees me as a mouse! 😉

    She also likes to think she works harder – it’s her ‘competititve’ spirit – i have a feeling she get’s that from B – but i could be wrong? 🙂


  16. Ahhh… that was taken ‘out of context’ Sis 😉

    Tam-tamtamtamtamtam…. Have you learned NOTHING from your time as a blogger…?

    “He ALL ain’t right” – Does Mandy have to do ANOTHER video for ya???

    tutututututut 🙄


  17. chelle, we need to work out a long distant hypnotic spell. where we can get Love to think he’s actually just visiting Aus right now and he should be coming back home to the states. Of course, he has two homes here. one in TX and one in OR 😉


  18. Dad? 😯

    Sis! Am not sure if i will be makingit to the convention/retreat. Have any times/places been confirmed yet? or is it still in the planning stage?

    I won’t be coming to the States and NOT seeing my Lil Sis – we have been apart too long already 🙂

    Tam – Ihave been ‘asleep’ for so long i am not really sure if this is a dream or reality – it would be nice to ‘wake – up’ and find the world was just the dream and the reality is we are all asleep in one massive Heavenly Hotel and could all fit into the ‘conference room’ and see each other whenever we liked! 🙂


  19. Needed a change. I should have taken more pictures but that would require getting out of bed and putting on makeup! 😯

    I might wait for that heavenly retreat, myself.


  20. Band-i-coots is a collection of “older” gentleman like myself who may seem a bit slow and need more time to cross the road. I was going to say highway, but does Australia even have six lane highways?


  21. Thank you Tam… Maybe my plans and His plans can co-incide???

    Sis at least your avatar contains what matters most… you! 🙂 (and by ‘matters’ i mean regarding YOUR identification – not geting ego into this or forgetting Him)


  22. Cathi! – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… well ‘he’ sure is ‘Bandi’ – at least!

    You win the pic contest hands down so far! not too sure i can grant you the prize on the grounds of ‘reasonably accurate’ though – saw-ree! 🙂

    Hi Ed! – not out in ‘Band-i-coot’ country we don’t , no 🙂
    We have up to ten lane highways in Perth but.


  23. i’ll take it!
    i don’t remember the exact search terms I used…something like, “ugly, freaky, rodent looking thing”…good thing it didn’t give me a pic of paris hilton!


  24. The way some of these celebrities drive there should a warning on their license plate. “Warning! Brain Dead Driver.”

    Perhaps in Hollywood there should be celebrity hazard crossing signs at intersections. To warn drivers to check the pavement in front of them, where people like Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse spend so much of their time. 🙂


  25. Ed… i am TRYING to resist comments about ‘gutters’ and certain ‘celebs’.

    Sis… i DO need to finish that series ( and get it OUT of the ‘way’ lol) but… well.. lust is a ‘Biggie’ for me – sigghh

    and well… it’s just lucky ‘sloth’ is the last is all i’m sayin! 😉

    I’ll get there – promise! – soon! ( -ish)


  26. Ok please forgive the lateness of my reply… 😉

    Tam? D? please have an Oreo – do this in honour of me and i shall be there amongst you – in spirit!

    ( NO blasphemy intended!!)

    and maybe a glass of Aussie Wine???

    Barossa Valley SA is some of the best – Also Margaret River – WA. 🙂

    i can’t believe you guys get together at LAST – and you all stay stuck to your pc’s 😉

    Well actually i can! 🙂


  27. OK – i WILL try to write and post deadly sin #5 by the end of the week – and maybe put something nicer up tomorrow? Don’t want to disappoint my fans 😉

    (and i HATE to keep ladies ‘waiting’)

    especially two HOTTIES! 🙂


  28. Ok – i’m slack – i admit it – it’s mostly a winter thing though ( Alece can appreciate our southern seasons i feel sure – lucky her she gets toasty warm ‘UP’ there while her poor long-suffering man freezes his butt off!

    So – Darla – obviously not – am hibernating!

    Alece – if you do manage to make it to Aus and travel a bit you will be fairly certain to see the ‘flying’ kangaroo warning sign (Apart from city centres, you may see one anywhere and everywhere in Aus – there are over 60 milion Kangaroos in the wild – that is three times more than the human population here.! – Hence just ONE reason why today we follow the local native tradition of millenia and kill and eat them from time to time! and before anyone says how cruel… how many buffalo are left in the US now?)

    Tam – hmmm i have been slack huh? well in order to not be a cause of jealousy or envy i will ‘award’ the winner thier prize privately – but no-one should get their hopes – up the prize is likely to be commensurate with effort and entry fee payment! 😉

    I have to say though Cathi’s was high on the judges list for creativity! And Sis ( ‘Chelle’ was the only entry to get the bonus point for correctly idenitfying the most likley species being warned about by the roadsign ( being Southern Brown Bandicoot)

    Tam and Ed being the ONLY other entrants in the comp get honourable mentions – and my gratitude

    What – you were expecting Cash maybe??


  29. Oh – And Leesh??

    A bandicoot is a small, furry, SOME would say ‘coot’ little Australian Native marsupiial that some species of which can be mistaken for rats at a distance ( of, say, anything over 2 feet!) Cathi kindly supplied the best pic of one below ( NOTE: this was not taken on a ‘good’ day)


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