The Sounds of Silence….

Ok – so two people i love dearly – let’s call them Bee and Tee for anonymity – have been trying to convince me that Tee’s Hub (another Bee) has a great singing voice – so much so that he even sang at Bee’s wedding to Jay.

Now this was quite a LONG time ago and ever since then i have been waiting PATIENTLY for Tee to get Bee (that’s Her Bee not the first Bee) to put up a lnk to a place where i can get to hear Bee sing – PREFERABLY in a duet with Tee whom i believe has also been known to sing rather finely as she said she would try and get Bee (#2) to agree to.

Well so far – NADA!

Tee and Bee (that’s Hub Bee not the first Bee) have even begun to do LIVE broadcasts of themselves so everyone can get to see and hear their favourite blogging couple (Since Drew doesn’t blog – or blog enough to be described as a blog couple along with Miss Mandy – the stat ho queen) 😉

Tee has made one or two attempts at singing and having Bee (#2) sing along but he just flat refuses and makes very non-commital remarks about singing ‘later’ or posting a link.

I think.. HE’S TOO SHY!!!!! Really!!!?

So as an attempt to bring him out of his shell i was wondering if all those who’d love to hear Bee(#2) and Tee sing a duet together could let me know if they think Bee (#2) is shy or has some other more feindish reason for not putting up a link or post to his beautiful singing voice, along with his lady if possible, but solo if not – in the comments here. Or drop by Bee(#2)’s blog – the NEW one!! and mention it personally until we get what we – the blogging masses want?

i.e. to Hear Bee(#2) Sing.


  1. This is HILARIOUS!!!

    I have video of Bee (#2) singing. Too bad I don’t know how to get it off of VHS and onto my computer. Hmmm….can you help me out there Love?

    Bee (#1)


  2. Hehehehehehhehe!

    Good morning everyone!

    Anonymous, eh?

    I am not always around the community, and I don’t get to read and comment on EVERY post…

    … but I was able to figure out who the Tee and the two Bees are.

    Am I really THAT clever?

    Or something’s wrong with the “veil of anonymity?”



  3. Love will allways win out!

    And i really need to work on my veil of anonymity it seems?? I WAS going to call them ‘X’ and ‘Y’ half way through to protect their Anonymity further.. but… well…that might have just confused some Southern Folk 😉

    Yes Miss M – that was a cheap one JUST for you 🙂

    Hey any blog link is a good blog link? right?

    Have you Hit 100.000 hits yet??

    ( I only thought of you and drew because i don’t know of anyone besides you who gets more comments or viewers to her blog than Tam does!)

    And i have cheap shot at every opportunity because you love to sling ’em at that sweet and innocent ( yes i said that with a straight face – why are you laughing???) most adorably pleasant young lady – the Fair Tam. 🙂


  4. Bwan?

    If your desktop pc ( you have a desktop somewhere i presume?) has the yellow red and white plugs for a video cable you can plug the vid directly to the PC.

    Then you need some sort of camera download software to ‘capture’ the videotape images to a file in a recognisable video format – like Mpeg or wma (windows media)check with Jake and see how you go.

    I would not wish to embarrass Brent – but if the vid is good i might be inclined to help out any way i can 😉


  5. Love, the video is all hearing Brent sing, half seeing him sing, and half of me and Jake. It IS at our wedding and all. 😉

    And nope, no desktop. Just a wittle wap top. If I could somehow get the vhs onto a dvd I could figure it out though. Hmmm, I should watch our wedding videos again. 😀


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