1. AMEN!!!

    We can’t all stay up to the wee hours of the morning just to know what’s on your mind…some of us have to go to bed and can’t spend our evenings chatting!!!

    This is your SISTER saying, “SHARE WITH US!!!”

    Thank you…thankyouverymuch. 😀


  2. hey Tam! this is the love blog..sooo just stopping again to spread a little love around…where is love anyway?

    Oh LOVE! I will have to try when I wake up…dang time diff.!


  3. Hmmmm … weird day!?

    my spam bot ‘ate’ one of Tam’s comments??

    Fixed that – and yes i was having my brekkie at the time lol 🙂

    CATHI ! – half a HCT-O is better than none i always say ( well since i started blogging at least) 😉


  4. Heeyyyy who’s the new hottie??

    BWANNN! how did you manage to have TWO avatars in my recent comments list at the same time??

    Two diff ones that is??? you doin some freaky stuff on wordpress lately?

    and keep those ♥♥♥ ‘s comin Hun 🙂


  5. HAHA!! Love, I just changed my avatar today and it kept my old one on the previous comments I had. 😉

    Tam, that pic is from Christmas. McKenna is in my lap but I cropped her out. 😆


  6. Bwan.. sorry sweets – wordpress does not work that way….

    When you change your AV wordpress then uses the SAME av in all cases – even where you posted previously – it replaces the old pic with the new one… at least.. it does for everyone else but you so far!??

    You’re exceptional it seems! 🙂


  7. Really?! huh, that’s funny. ooooh, I know what it was. HAHA!!

    I did that Gravatar thingy that Brent had up a few weeks ago and that is the pic I used (the previous one) for that. And I’m rarely signed into WordPress so I guess that is the one that will show up. Hmmm, better remember to sign in if I want the better picture up! 😆


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