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  1. does this mean now you can tell who’s stalking you???

    im not the only one living in oregon.

    just remember that. thats all i ask.

    thank you and good day!


  2. ya know, if i just keep a tab open for you and refresh it when i wanta visit (not stalk) it doesn’t register as a new visit.

    i mean. if i wanted to do that and not worry about it looking as if i were stalking you, that’s what i’d do.

    but i don’t need to.

    i have a life.



  3. Does the map show who is visiting your blog? I don’t know much about these things. Hmmm Traverse City MI isn’t exactly where I’m at [far from in fact] but at least the state is on the map WOOOOO HOOOOOO!! Love ya love!


  4. ‘Chelle – what’s happening?, or not happening as it should? I can see where you(r isp) are in Texas! 🙂 Clicking on the map just takes you to the home webpage and the hearts are not ‘clickable’ – bummer.

    Tam – it must be B who is the stalking type!? 😀

    Alece – you’ll have to get the A-B to have a word with ‘his’ man N… i need a heart in Africa!

    GiChi – it’s supposed to show that yes but only shows wherea visitor’s ISP is located – which is why your ‘home’ does not show!. This map is also unable to be ‘clicked’ to show who is viewing – so the stalkers out there are ‘safe’ 🙂 I’m not too sure either – but i think it gets refreshed every 24 hrs??

    and HI to whoever in UK! 🙂

    love you people 🙂


  5. Tam – i was WRITING an E-MAIL!!! Sheesh – you sleep in 4 or 5 days a week and people start to make assumptions! 🙄

    Hi Sherma! then i’ll have almost the full set – Am Eu As Oc and Af ( once Alece is here)


  6. Morning Lovely! 😉

    Been thinking about that “tag” a lot today. I think I’ll have a post for it tomorrow sometime.

    Have a great day friend! Talk to you tomorrow morning (tonight for you) maybe? If I’m up early enough. 😉

    ♥ ya Love!


  7. Sherma!!?? are you sure you don’t live in Saudi Arabia?? 🙂 How about your i.s.p.??

    All i can think of is… the map server refreshes’visits’ every five minutes – maybe if you drop by quickly it does not pick up a location??? and it does only show each days record once a day.. I want my ‘heart’ on the Philppines!!! 😦

    and also i just love your avatar pic! 🙂


  8. Waaaaaa! 😥 I still can’t see my heart! Thisissounfair! Sure I’m not banned or something? 🙂 😉 [Teasing you, friend.]

    Hehehehehe, I’m in Metro Manila, and my ISP is located in a province a few km north of MM. And my visits aren’t very quick, coz I read new posts and comments, laughing my butt off when I see something really funny. 🙂 [Ow, forget I said that. I’m also not the stalking kind!]

    Maybe the heart is the invisible kind… just like the spirit. You know it’s there though you can’t see it. At least my avatar pic shows. And you like it? That’s just great! 🙂 Maybe I should be showing up more often. I mean, commenting more often. Hehehehehehe! 😀


  9. Tam! Good morning! (Or night. I think it’s night there, even if I just woke up!)

    I think that’s a good idea! Yes, very good idea indeed.

    I think I’d definitely do that.


  10. No not yet.

    Just contemplating?

    Yeah, I guess that’s it.

    Yes, that’s just it.

    (What does it look like to you? hehehehe)

    Where’s TAM? TAMMMMMM! Please help me here. Should I? I’m not yet decided. Need your advice!


  11. i have the BEST ( and the best looking) commenters!

    What a beautiful way to start my day 🙂

    THANK YOU SHERMA! – smoochy! 😀 and Thank you to to Tam – you little ‘instigator’ you 😉

    i love you both! And Sherma i ‘fixed’ your crying emoticon! ( : cry : ) and i so don’t like my map for ‘hiding you – but i am happy to think of your heart ‘in spirit’ and not the flesh just north of my country! 🙂


  12. Howdy!

    I had much fun, Tam. Glad I tried it. Hehehehehehe

    Hey lovester! Four days straight and my heart is still not showing up. I’m now convinced it’s my spirit self visiting your blog! 🙂 Hah!


  13. I see it too! 😀 Finally – you made it to ‘Earth’.

    Sometimes ( more often that i feel comfortable with to be honest) computers do weird stuff for no adequately explainable reason!?

    I’m just glad this one finally recognises your heart 🙂

    Fight the flesh self by all means… but Keep your heart guarded at all times :BT -)


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