Favourite book?

My Sister i never met, Michelle, has tagged me and my poetic freind Ric Booth has politely returned my earlier ‘favour’ – with a nice easy one this time.

“What is your favourite book (or books) of the Bible.?”

Well, i have not read ALL of them – yet. but some i have read many times. My Most favourite would be Matthew as it has some of His greatest lines and i find much uncommon Wisdom in it. i like the Gospel of John also, and Revelation appeals to me by reason of wanting to decipher it’s meanings.

So thanks for the opportunity, Michelle, Ric! 🙂

In time-honoured custom i think i will ‘tag’ some fellow bloggers who are free to do what they will – or will not – as each case may be.

Ghee-chee – your’re ‘it’ 🙂

Leesh – your ‘it’ too 🙂

Brandy – ditto! 🙂

Big Lil’ Sis – gotcha ! 🙂

annnnnd… Kass! Thanks for the impromptu concert Thrusday – you were fantastic – and you’re now ‘it!’ 🙂


  1. i love this Meme! I commented at Michelles already but i love the book of James. I really appreciate real “this is how it is” people. Shoot straight from the hip and get to the point. There is so much wisdom and life altering lessons crammed into that little book. Kota’s middle name is James after this book 😉


  2. cool! you added the meaning to our numbers on your blogroll!

    hmmm, that inWorship. Yah. He’s a “peace” of work for sure. You got that right 😕


  3. [I have identical responses to your post and Michelle’s hehe]:

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY you picked me, you picked me [think donkey from Shrek]

    I love Proverbs. I learn something new from it every time I read it. I just feel like I could never get enough of God’s Wisdom.

    I also love Psalms. Something about David’s call to God in his time of anguish resonates with me. Oh how I have called on God in my anguish and confusion and how He has responded faithfully just like He did with David [the same God, yesterday, today and forever, praise God!]

    This is not a book persay but I guess you could interpret it as Matthew, Mark and Luke all in one but I am very drawn to the story of the woman with the issue of blood. It has to be my favorite story in the Bible. That woman is me. Emotionally and spiritually I had been “bleeding” for years and He healed me with just one touch of His garment. That story just gives me chills everytime I hear it. It just reminds me of God’s awesome power to deliver and heal and He doesn’t even expect us to work for it. GLORY TO GOD!


  4. Oh and the big icons look lovely–look, look–there’s meeeeee!

    I love how my number dropped drastically overnight 😉 And yes happy, happy, joy, joy! I love it!


  5. HaHa Tam; I think I’m excited in general today. The happy, happy, joy, joy was in reference to the “Joy” after my name on love’s blogroll. Love you too!! And as far as the picture goes, iono, that may freak out someone who doesn’t like hands and feet…….


  6. Ghee-chee your happiness is contagious! 🙂 i think you might have nejoyed turning 27 more than you let on? 😉

    Here’s something you might also appreciate…

    3 is the number of ‘God’ as Father, Son and Holy Ghost – yes? Three in one?

    Well 3 lots of three (3×3) are of course 9, but 3 lots of 3 lots of 3 are…

    27! Your age is ‘God’ Cubed ( a ‘cube’ is a number in 3 dimensions – like our real world is)

    So Hopefully this year will be a reminder of how close you are to Him ( in one ‘aspect’ )

    Feeling any beter about being 27 now? How about this…

    Like Tam was last year, 27 is the largest number you can ever ‘be’ because 2 and 7 total 9 ( PEFECTED) and the next one becomes 1 ( 2 and 8 total 10, 1 and 0 total 1).. so next bithday you start ‘over’ at one again!

    Happy Birthday Miss Nine! 🙂

    And i think your pic looks great now! and i love your favourite books and that you like them for their wisdom ( and beauty to no doubt) 🙂


  7. Brandy – you got that right i do so love Tam’s name and you have to know ( cos you virtually lived with her for years right?) that her ‘short’ name totals 7 and that’s ‘PERFECT’ 🙂

    And i had to admit i took a step backwards when i calculated your long first name as WISDOM – but from back that extra step it made PERFECT sense to me 🙂

    Tam – hands and feet of Jesus!! That’s pretty 8) – even from you! 🙂


  8. love, your wisdom and knowledge never cease to amaze me! Praise God! I feel EVEN GREATER about turning 27 now although not so sure what being 1 again means….hmmmm….

    Tam~Very good point! I may have to meditate on that. I just know a lot of people who have a feet phobia; don’t want to bring crisis to the blogworld now…hehe…I wuff you!


  9. you always wanted to be Pinky? ( Leather?)

    i always wanted to be Pinky from Pinky and the Brain! (What shall we do now Brain?) NAAARRFF!!

    Gi Chi ( i’m going for a shorter and ‘oriental feel’ – Gi means clothing ( usually white) worn by students and masters of a school – a uniform – and Chi is our energy so this could be a suit of spiritual energy we wear as we learn) 🙂 – when we have completed (PERFECTED) one level of learning we evolve to the next highest level and begin from ‘One’ again. 28 is the first year of our fourth ‘cycle’ and i asociate four with LOVE 🙂 also i associate 1 with ‘I’ ( I am) which of course is God within us. So next year might be even more fun than turning 27!

    If you ever fear growing older – just call for love.

    He’ll always answer you!


  10. TAMMY! When did you get to be late 30’s???? 😯

    That is weird. Really weird. Okay, now I feel weird. I don’t like this. Nope. Not at all.


  11. It means Tam – you’ll be another year lovlier 🙂 and you’ll be ‘two’ ( AM ) the fifth time around five bening PEACE Sounds like you”l be restful come November 🙂

    Brandy – Time is relative – ok so maybe with your relative’s you have something not to like 😉



  12. Tammy and Love….you’ve GOT to read what I commented on your (tam’s) post with that list for men…. seriously funny but I coudn’t bring myself to put it on my blog. HA!!


  13. So Love, you’ve met my family I assume??HAHA!!


    Tam, time does fly, but you aren’t old….yet. 😯 HA! If I still think my mom is young, then you’re still in the clear…very clear! 😆


  14. Hey, Love! I keep missing you…our nights have been full and will probably remain that way for a time. Just wanted to let you know, I’m grateful for your prayers and encouraging words you keep sending my way. This weekend has been especially difficult but we do know Who is in control. Thanks for your love and support.

    Love the big pics too! [ except when mine pops up ]

    ♥ U


  15. Ok that’s ONE way we differ Sis – i think your pic looks Beautiful bigger!

    Still praying for you and you know who. 🙂

    Bwan – if you go to: MyDashboard/design/widgets/recent comments – edit you can change the size of the pics – mine are 96×96 pixels.

    Tam – you just tell me who said that and i’ll break their nose! – ok? 🙂


  16. wow! i haven’t been tagged in a loooong time. thanks, bub!

    my favorite is the book of isaiah. i love, love, love the richness of it.


  17. Tam – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! – see new post later today! ( coming)

    Alece – i can’t believe no-one has tagged you lately? does everyone know something about you i dont??? 😉

    And isiah is very rich!

    And i am very glad to see you back in blogland 🙂


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