Spring Cleaning

OK i know it’s almost over ‘up North’ and officially it’s almost winter here in Oz…

But I’ve caught the bug that’s going around the blogsphere.

Hope you like the new look 🙂


  1. The ‘look’ is fine– nice and bright, but I don’t see the pictures at the side for the comments anymore. So it makes it hard to ‘scan’ through to read certain ones (not that I’d ‘discriminate’, except in a ‘time pinch’ =).

    Actually it’s feeling like winter’s coming back here too (wet and chilly), but I prefer that to HOT summer any day (only 22 days away for us now, I’m sorry to say).



  2. Thank you Tam, geechee (:-) ) Laz and Brandy.

    Iv’e tweaked it and all should stay like this for a while i think 🙂

    Laz – Heard there is a lot of bad weather around the States at the moment ‘Specially south of where Bran is and close to my Lil Sis #1 in Texas 😦 Hope things improve soon.

    GeeChi – you made it – yes! i saw! what kept you??? 😉 🙂 I told you how i calculate ‘your’ number but i did not explain what or why ( and each number now has a Word too) 🙂 I’ll send you an e-mail if i may?

    Tam – 😀 ♥ I REALLY wish your browser/reader lets you see those – try opening your wordpress website in a net browser and then clicking on my link to my page, open the comments and see if the heart shows that way?


  3. Ya know what I like … beside the new layout which is cool… The little comment that pops up when I hover over my like on the blogroll. I had to look up raconteur. Haha.


  4. Cool!

    Hmmm… now you mentioned it… what’s the “I” after mine and the “AM” after after Sharp Iron’s? How did you arrive at the words right after the numbers? Just curious, hehehehe. 🙂


  5. Evening-Morning love!

    You have everyone soooo curious with the numbers and words.

    Yes! Please send email!!!!!

    I just got your other one concerning that chat THANK YOU. I will reply after brekkie.

    Love you! Have a blessed day!


  6. Where am I?

    Great look – took me a minute…isn’t it Winter in Australia? I think you live vicariously in the States. 😀

    Now you have to do a post about the extra words…too many questions to ignore and emails to write… 😉

    My Big Brother is SO 😎 !


  7. Hey Sis – hope you are doing ok? Sorry i mised you in the chat 😦 Winter ‘starts’ on Sunday here.

    i don’t need a computer to have a life… but the one i enjoy vicariously through you guys beats most of mine ( the beach really is beautiful here 🙂 ) hands down 🙂

    Hope you got my mail?



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