Warning! Danger Ahead.

These are dangerous words.
Very Dangerous! You have been ‘warned’
I do not know if the person reading them will read them ‘rightly’.

They are dangerous…

But Love is the ONLY thing that can ever truly set you Free 

So I’m taking a gamble here…


Gamble Everything For Love

gamble everything for love
gamble everything
put it in a place you keep what you need
you can gamble everything for love if youre free
you gotta gamble everything for love

baby are you cold?
are you cold baby i could wrap you up
wrap you up in my love
if you wanna you can gamble everything for love
if you wanna you can gamble everything for love

tell me are you feeling lost? have you crossed
into places that you never knew to get through?
tell me are you gonna cry all night?
tell me the truth and ill tell you the truth
if you gamble everything for love
youre gonna be alright

make a list of things you need
leave it empty
except for number one – write love,
gamble everything
keep it under lock and key
if you wanna you can gamble everything for love

love me with an open heart
tell me anything
we can find a place to start to gamble everything
we can set this thing apart
cos were gonna
gonna gamble everything for love

tell me do you lose your way each day?
are there people you dont recognize?
do they lie?
tell me do they make you feel too real?
tell me the truth and ill tell you the truth
if you gamble everything for love
youre gonna be alright

you can go your own way
you can go your own way
you gotta go your own way
if you gamble everything for love
if you gamble everything for love

gamble everything for love
gamble everything
put it in a place you keep what you need
you can gamble everything for love if youre free
you gotta gamble everything for love

tell me are you getting hurt?
is it worth it?
tell me are the people strange?
do they change?
tell me are you letting go?
do you know?
if you gamble everything for love
if you gamble everything for love
if you gamble everything for love
youre gonna be alright

The Video shows the ‘usual’ pop concept of Love – i would replace either the man/woman in the clip with God (depending upon if you are male or female).

God is Love.


  1. I think Christ followers put everything on the line when they decide to accept Him. Still, it’s nothing compared to what Christ Himself put on the line.

    I am the only believer in my family. I have a large family. There’s almost 30 of us Grandchildren. When I came to Christ I put my relationships with everyone in my immediate family on the line. Yet, that is what the Lord says to do. That is my sacrifice to Him. Now, in true gentlemanly fashion He is a restorer and protector. Although there were rough patches with a few family members there was also restoration and an opportunity to talk about Christ to them and what He means in my life.

    The gamble also means, to me, that the moment you receive Him you are “set apart” (holy) from this world. That just doesn’t seem to go over all too well. But that’s ok. This isn’t my home. It’s worth the risk to me. We are often ridiculed and put down (even by some of our good blog friends) and that’s ok. The focus needs to remain on what we “gambled” for.

    K, so this song just got me thinking in too many directions this early in the A.M. I will go sort my thoughts out and come back later…

    have a great nights sleep Love…

    love you!


  2. Cute song Love! 😀 Love the video too. 😉

    It is true though, we do gamble a lot for love. In the same way Tam described above, and in our personal relationships. It’s just the way it goes. 😉

    ♥ ya Love!


  3. Love hurts. Love will send you to the cross…His and your own…and sometimes it’s very painful.

    Sorry, you probably didn’t want to go that route.


  4. Wow Tam! That was Deep. I’m sorry for making you think so ‘early’ in the AM (in Or) but am very glad to see that we can share more than Jokes in my comments 🙂 ( i DO like the jokes as well of course) 😉


  5. Hi Love bug… ♥

    Tammers got me to thinkin’. It’s painful to lose famiy and friends, but so rewarding. My family are Christ followers. I have more sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, moms and dads than I can shake a stick at. I am blessed to not have a family who does not walk with the Lord, that must be very rough. But I lost so many “friends”. I am thankful, that through Gods love He restores the years that the locust have eaten, better than ever. We are set apart…called to be Holy…with that there is always sacrifice. But, Iwouldn’t trade it for anything. Morning Love!


  6. Thanks Brandy, i forgot to mention in case any don’t know, it’s by an Aussie called Ben Lee. I think too many times our ‘personal’ (inter-personal vs God/person) love has an over-emphasis on more of a lust than real unconditional love (we impose way too many conditions on our giving love) Often this is to ‘protect’ us from the falliablities of the one we ‘choose’ to give our love, because we know that all humans are falliable and can sometimes ‘let us down’.

    Michelle – No need for ‘sorry’ i did not put the song up for my thoughts but for yours.

    Love Hurts? (i used to love that song too) 😉 I felt that way at the time because i had felt that ‘hurt’, but now i don’t feel that way at all.

    I don’t believe it is Love that Hurts or is painful – it is our own mortal failures, our expectations of what we think Love should be that hurts us when they inevitably fail us. It is never God’s Love that Fails us – it is our own ‘understanding’ of what love actually is.

    We should learn positively from this and change our expectation – instead too many times we keep the expectation and hope the next time we can find someone who will live up to it. WE might change – but we rarely change for the better and learn what True Love actually does mean, or require from us.

    I Love your thoughts on this and i did say the words were dangerous – for reasons Tam disclosed in her life and for other reasons too.

    They may be taken the ‘wrong’ way (a way that suits our own ‘need’/failings) or if taken the right way (place your ENTIRE trust in Love – Love of/from God) can be very ‘dangerous’ to our ego and our ‘old’ lives.

    How willing to gamble ‘everything’ are we? What holds us back in life? That is a good ‘key’ to what we have to work on in our lives.


  7. Good point Love, how willing are we?

    I have never come to a place in my life where I really had to give up anything b/c of my Love for God, and I pray I never have to, but if it were to happen…. how willing I would be to let it go? The ultimate would be my babies…how willing would I be if called to seperate me from one of them? I am not sure. I’d love to say I’d be very willing and understanding, but at the same time, I’m a mom.

    Not saying that loving God means we lose our kids at all…. I went a different direction with it totally. I’ve been reading a blog about this very thing lately and it has really shook me up. http://www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com Oh my gosh it’s amazing.

    Okay now that I TOTALLY went off course here. HAHA!!

    ♥ ya Love!


  8. “How willing to gamble ‘everything’ are we? What holds us back in life?”

    Here’s a thought….are we really gambling anything? IF we understand fully who Christ says we are…is it really a gamble to just surrender. To live is for Christ to die is to gain…where is the gamble? I know….off the bunny trail she hops… 😆


  9. Morning Deb 🙂

    That ‘Holy’ bit that you and Tam mentioned. I get where you are both coming from, of course, however those considered ‘unholy’ can find that so galling – especially when such can see that the ‘holy’ are frequently subject to the same or perhaps even more gross character flaws they have.

    I think those who accept Jesus fully and receive the gift of the Grace of the Holy Spirit within Have a Holy Spirit themselves – what i also believe is that this does not ‘cancel out’ the ‘old man’ that is so full of ‘sinful’ desire that can jump up and block out that Holyness from showing in our physical actions at times during our life on Earth.

    Having a Holy Spirit does ot mean we always choose to follow it first in every second of life.

    It is the ‘old man’ i believe we are required to work on ourselves – to Overcome so that we hear with only True Hearing and see with only clear eyes – that our understanding may become the same understanding as our Spirit holds and do only ever our Father’s Will.


  10. I think you ladies are ON the Right Tracks – like i said this is not just about me – it is about Love and what that means to us!

    Bran (Mornin’ Muffin) I hope God never makes you make that choice but many times the life we would have for our kids is not the ones they end up taking and sometimes we are ‘forced’ to let them ‘go’. If we love them we will always care for them but we will not do so to the exten we smother their life out of them 🙂

    Deb – ‘our gamble’ is as nothing to God – but often times it means the World to us – perhaps moreso when we did not have God in our life for an important part of it. You know the pain of loving someone here and having to let them ‘go’ – it is that ‘desire’ to keep our life, or the lives of those we love close to us, that i think requires us to take the greatest gamble – greatest ‘potential’ loss here on Earth. 🙂


  11. What you are talking of my friend is the age old battle between the flesh and the spirit. We are not holy because of ANYTHING we do…(not shouting, I promise) we are holy becaue of what HE did. The minute anyone give their life to Christ, they recieve the Holy Spirit…from then on it is a daily, and sometimes minute by minute choice of whether or not we are going to walk in that Spirit, or in the flesh…it’s a constant ongoing thing…and do only ever our Father’s Will…I feel a song comin’ on! 🙂


  12. I do believe we ARE 🙂

    And i didunderstand you also it is EXACTLY a battle between the flesh and the Spirit and the flesh does NOT make us Holy – quite the reverse for most humans today! BUT it is important to recognise we are still flesh on Earth and always will be while we live ‘here’ – so it IS necessary if we are to live a Holy life on this planet one day and see the Kingdom where we are now that we overcome our many fleshy faults that we then always follow His will in our earthly body.

    When we die we do not entirely lose what is ‘in’ our flesh (sorry but i don’t have the exact scriptural quote to back that up but i think if one looks one will find it) so it is important we work on ourselves while we live here. We can eliminate from our bodies that which always tries to suppress or supplant God in us – given the earnest desire to do so. The Will to repent and to completely remove those earthly things we are responsible for placing in our bodies is important to our entering His Kingdom. I do not address the Holy aspect with you so much because i understand that you already have this and live with it daily. As do many readers of this blog. I know many do not do constant work on removing their own ‘built-in’ flaws because they see no real need to and yet still almost daily fall to their own ego and will instead of always following His that lives within us.

    I hope to help all recognise how to stop this happening so that nothing prevents us from entering at the narrow gate or falling by the wayside as we continue to walk the Path He has opened for us.


  13. BRANDY!!! 😯 No RED! You and Tam look good red, I look like a pimple ready to pop!

    Love: It’s a daily struggle to peel away that fleshy stuff…daily. I understand what your saying….

    I feel good…duh na nuh duh na nuh, I knew that I would now…duh na nuh duh na huh…


  14. I think I was going where Brandy went…losing your kids…I have a guy who is in much need of prayer these days. It’s not even something I can discuss, but it consumes my thoughts at times. Without even knowing his name or his situation, please pray for him to choose what God would have in his life.

    Maybe someday I will be able to talk about our struggle…but now…I need y’all’s prayers…and I’m asking here because this is where most of the people I truly have connected with visit daily. I can’t discuss it on my blog…one of those unspoken requests…anyway…love hurts.


  15. yes Michelle. definitely!

    Deb, pimple? that is funny! NOT TRUE! but funny!

    you called me today girl! i finally saw that! me bad friend who doesn’t return calls. shoot dang!


  16. You want to wait for the slow songs?

    Now THAT could be ‘dangerous! 🙂

    Go for the moves Gran’ma 😉 Deb can groove – so can you!

    Or would you prefer to sit with a guitar and we’ll sing Eagles songs long into the night? Under the stars… on the Beach. All welcome.


  17. It’s always a party when Love’s in da Room 🙂

    Singing it is! 🙂 but i might just have to get up and dance once in a while

    Muskrat Muskrat Candle Light…
    and we Shimmy, and Suzie’s so skinny…
    And we Whirled and we Twirled and we Tangoed… 🙂


  18. Miss me some Love! hey I spent some time this weekend with an Australian from Perth…he was so darling..I was thinking of you and trying to keep that accent in my mind for when I read your posts..hahahaha love your poem..risking it all for Jesus…


  19. Ventura Highway in the SunnnnnShine,
    Where the days are longer,
    The Nights are stronger than MooooonShine…

    I gotta Go…

    But before i do,

    Darla, type ampersand (shift+seven) then the letters h.e.a.r.t.s. (no dots) then semicolon

    no spaces in between! ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂


  20. So….

    Ventura Highway?

    I used to frequent. A lot.

    I lived in Port Hueneme – pronounced = why-knee-me

    those are my stompin grounds there!

    beach, beach…why did i leave you again????


  21. WOW. I am reminded of the scripture where Jesus talks about taking up your cross and following Him; leaving things behind [including family, friends, work etc]. In my eyes that is such a huge part of loving God and giving up everything [gambling] for Him [love].

    Tam–I can so relate to your story about family. I am the only believer in my family too and when I became a Christian, I knew that there was a possibility that I would be disowned but the scripture I talked about above resonated with me during that time.

    And what peace and joy does one experience when one gives everything up for God? Nothing compares to that–at least nothing in my books. Thanks for sharing the song love; it definitely made a positive impact on my evening 🙂

    Michelle–praying for you. Praise God that He listens to all our requests–both spoken and unspoken. And not only does He listen but He is faithful to respond too! Phillipians 4:6-7 comes to mind and just wanted to encourage you with it 🙂 XOX


  22. Hello Love sweet love! 😀

    Wanted to say HEY and love ya! Not gonna be on tonight really…. too tired. *yawn*

    Miss chit-chattin though…. I’ll have energy again one day! HA!

    Also, I still need to reply to your email. I read it, but am waiting for some peace and quiet to reply. 😉

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ YOU!


  23. Hey, Love…is it the 8th in Australia yet? If so, I just turned 46…ugh!!!

    Have a great day!! ♥ U

    Love, Tam and Gchyayles: thanks so much, the prayer support and encouragement are a blessing to me! 😉


  24. well Love…it’s been fun gallivanting around blog land with you tonight. Thanks for the date…

    I’m off to dream land now…

    love you so!


  25. You’re thanking ME for the date?? (Having a date with Tam and taking her to Michelle’s Party! – what a lovely thought THAT is):D

    You know i’m not in the least bit competitive but you have got it SO very wrong – i should be the one thanking You! (And Brent for the ‘loan’) 😉

    Can’t stop smiling at the thought of tonight’s ‘date’, I truly can’t 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    and neither of us left home for a second – that is WAY cool 8)


  26. Awwww! 🙂

    Good Morning Sunshine!

    Are you awake yet????

    we’re at Aleces tryin to make sure her Puppy post beats her husbands in comments. We’re way over 700 now. I’m exhausted.

    I need you there.

    WAKE UP!

    I know. I know.

    You have a life.

    (batting eyes and twirling hair 😉

    she exits slowly……..


  27. oh i know! it’s saturday down under.

    clearly the beach is the better place to send a saturday then stick on a computer indoors.

    i’m with you Love – in heart and thoughts!

    enjoy your day love.


  28. Never fear – love IS here! ♥

    I just took a Sabbath! (from my pc – to prove i culd do it) 😉

    Didja miss me? 🙂

    By the looks of the comments i guess my ‘Angels’ Did – I Love you Girls ♥ ♥ ♥


  29. Glad to see you back…sabbath from the computer, I had one of those once…

    Hope it was a good day and you’re ready to go with a NEW POST!! 😉


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