Seven Deadly Sins Part III – Gluttony

Ok – I started this and i’ve had it with starting things i don’t finish, so the sooner i get these over with the sooner i can begin dedicating this Blog to my first love – LOVE!

Bear with me huh?

The Third Sin, alphabetically, is Gluttony, which is not in my KJV at ALL?? (So why does the Pope insist upon making this an issue??)

Gluttony is defined as: eating and/or drinking to excess
– a greed for food.

I feel this probably also extends to ‘spiritual food’ or a desire to sate our many other ‘desires that are of our ego and not of God.

I mention Spiritual food as i do not believe that eating TOO much of this at once is good for us – in the same way that we are only meant to eat a certain amount of ‘food’ at once to give us sufficient time to digest it all for our own benefit. Determing just how much of this kind of food is good for us at one ‘sitting’ probably varies from person to person and how ‘familiar’ they are with previous foods of this kind.

I think the key thing to consider here is when is ‘enough’ truly enough? – At what point do we turn our ‘plate’ away while we gain the full benefit of ‘digestion’?

Ok – so remember the Point Here – which is to bring to mind our own ‘Sin’ or error we commit in this area (as y’all feel is, or is not appropriate) and ways we have found to overcome them – for the benefit of ourselves in our own lives and for the benefit of those who read and/or lurk here 😉

I’ll go first: My most vivid memory of personal gluttony was back in my 20’s – I was working in an office and a lunch had been planned for a workmate’s celebration. We went to a Chinese Open Buffet at a very swish Hotel in the City, close to our office!

Did i mention i LOVE the many delicious flavours of Chinese food? and that i LOVE deserts and they had a wide range of the more ‘traditional’ desserts like Chocolate Mousse, cheesecakes, pavlova (Aussie Meringues which are Heavenly!) cakes and ice-cream and puddings and… you get the idea?)

I had a plate of ‘entree’s; i had two plates of ‘mains’ (and i mean plates made with MOUNTAINS of food!) I HAD SEVEN plates of desserts (a personal never-to-be-repeated record!)

I ‘waddled’ back to work about two and a half hours later (we only were allowed a 2 hour lunch ‘limit’ during which we were to have lunches spread over the whole office – half an hour was the ‘norm’)

I managed to stay at my desk for a full ten minutes or so in the afternoon before i found a very real and urgent need to sit at a much smaller ‘cubicle’ for the remainder of my ‘working’ day.

It taught me a valuable lesson and i never repeated or attempted to repeat the practice.

Gluttony has it’s own punishments for us humans.

Are we all able to pay them due attentionand LEARN from them??

Over to you.


  1. Your thoughts on spiritual gluttony are interesting, Love. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the situation of having spent too much time in prayer and conversation with God (I’m usually more on the starvation side than the gluttony side). But interesting to think about that.

    Let us never speak of the chinese buffet again. 🙂


  2. “I feel this probably also extends to ’spiritual food’ or a desire to sate our many other ‘desires that are of our ego and not of God.”
    that part right there. i’m of the consumer generation… we want it and want it NOW. its hard to fight that in my own life.

    i also remembered something from my current bible study “The Lies Women Believe”. the author (nancy demoss) noted that the FIRST sin was about over-eating – and connected that sin with why many women have food/weight problems.

    so. yeah. some might say the first sin was gluttony.


  3. Impatience has long been a hallmark of Youth, Mandy – you still have some of yours it seems – lucky YOU! 😉

    NOW i’m hearin’ ya’! ty.

    Save yourself a bit of lifelong pain and study up on patience, Hun – it will be worth it!
    Moderation – in all things. (Excepting Love – Love is the exception that Proves the Rule) ♥


  4. Good evening friends!

    Hey LWBUT! Thought you’d wait till your earlier post hits the 500 comment mark before you’d post another? 🙂

    Hmmm… gluttony. I do eat a lot, and me and my friends sometimes go food trippin’, but my body’s so good at hiding proofs. I’m soooo thin! Am I guilty of this sin? Just wondering…


  5. How about a “blog glutton” AHHHHHH!!! :p I might be guilty of that lately.
    As for spiritual gluttony, I can see what you mean…referring to that saying about people who are “so spiritually minded they are no earthly good”. I actually grew up with a mother who spent her every moment watching Christian Tv, spending time in the word, in worship, praying….but that’s all she did. We were told to “shush” all the time cause she was always trying to “hear something” on tv or where ever her attention was. She was absolutely not available to any of us 8 kids. I see now that it was completely out of feeling inadequate as a Christian, as she says also. “Doing all of this makes me spiritual, therefore valuable”. Thankfully, she, as well as I, have learned that His LOVE makes us valuable, HIS actions made us valuable, and we don’t have to run that hamster wheel of “spiritual glutton”. Drink when we are thirsty….eat when we are hungry…give to others…pretty good balance. Agree?


  6. Good Morning Brainy – actually, is it all right with you if i call you Sherma? I find that a beautiful name (number = 64)

    I admit to a strong temptation to aiming for a 400 comment post but it is never my intention to give in to temptation – i do not always succeed in this intent but i hope i don’t live my life without the knowledge and ability to resist most, if not all tempting things in it.

    And as dearly as i love my friends (including yourself) who added to the total – it is not really a ‘fair’ count as most posts were ‘slightly’ off-topic (we were talking about smart dogs as the casual reader might have noticed???) 🙂

    As to your question. i believe that, in sin, EVERYTHING is ‘relative’. It is a highly individual thing…

    I do not know what would add up to a ‘lot’ of food in the Phillipines but you do not appear to me to be guilty of gluttony 😉

    I think what makes one ‘guilty’ of a sin is when a person KNOWS that what they do is wrong and yet do not do what is required of them – when they simply ‘accept’ that they are doing wrong – committing ‘error’ – and yet go right on doing it.

    I should point out that people who make sincere attepts to stop themselves with little or limited success will not have that counted against them – some ‘sins’ are very very difficult for us to prevent – but with God’s Help all things are possible…some things might take an entire lifetime to overcome in us. It is the efforts we make that ‘counts’ in our favour.


  7. Kelly – Wow – i am officially impressed! 🙂

    I was not totally sure what i meant when i mentioned ‘spiritual’ gluttony since i had no clear example in mind.

    You NAILED it for me – thank you so much. Your comment was EXACTLY what i was hoping people would bring to the topic/discussion albeit i was mainly thinking of the more ‘earthly’ kind of gluttony which more of us might be able to relate to.

    It is not really ‘fair’ of me to comment though, not being aware of the full circumstances you and your mother and the rest of your family/community were dealing with at that time. Her ‘gluttony’ may have been ‘necessary to show/deal with something real and important in all your lives… the outcome seems to have been worth it?
    I wonder what was the ‘catalyst’ for your mother’s eventual more ‘balanced’ life?

    I can understand your Mom’s desire for becomming, and wanting to do things to make herself, ‘more’ spiritual. 🙂

    Thank you again – and you are always welcome to comment here!


  8. I don’t want to talk about gluttony!!! 👿

    I’m an emotional eater and this is hitting too close to home for my liking – why don’t you come to my blog and talk about LOVE – it’s right up your alley!! 😉


  9. lol – apologies for not being here when you arrived – stupid Vista was playing up and had to reboot… i’m movin my gigaho a$$ over to your blog pronto! 🙂

    i don’t NEED stats thanks to the Fabulous Four (Redheads of the World Unite!) 🙂
    (Dyslexics of the world UNTIE!)


  10. Forgive me, Sherma – my rushing is causing me to forget my manners – and some people’s q’s… Yes! Brain Drain and i shared a common body – i think He’s lost a lot of his grumpiness lately though – he’s found Love! (The BEST kind) 🙂 Did i miss anything else?


  11. Are you feeling OK tonight, Brandy?

    I’ll talk about gluttony if I have to, but I’ve gotten the impression we don’t have to stay on topic over here. 😀


  12. Hey Michelle, I’m here. Reading the comments and I’m smiling…

    Hey BRAINDRAIN! Sure, friendster. Hm, 64 is a good number too? Great. (Read about your explanation about these numbers thing somewhere in your blog b4. Can’t remember where though). You wanna know the etymology of my name? It might amuse you. Hehehe.

    Hello Brandy…


  13. Sherma! I would be most happy to hear the entymology of your name – i love learning where things Originate – adds to someone’s ‘colours’ – makes them more complete/real to me.

    As for 64, it is a very ‘balanced’ number – 8X8, 4x4x4, 2x2x2x2x2x2 or 2^^6th power and 6+4 totals 10 (second ‘generation’ of our ten digit decimal counting system) and 1+0 = 1! the first perfect number! (three and seven being the next two) So Sherma has a very fine ‘pedigree’ – numerically speaking 🙂


  14. When i over eat – I don’t digest it properly. I eat too fast – my tummy hurts.

    When i don’t approach the Word with respect and reverence and just try to cram it in (because of guilt or pressure) I don’t digest it properly either. And when something is not properly digested it usually “comes out” weird too. So I might find myself relaying to another the Word I had ingested by spewing it out incorrectly because I had not focused in on it…savored it…digested it…it never really got a chance to permeate through my mind and Spirit.


    Tam rambled and possibly made no sense.

    Tam understands in her head tho 😉


  15. ‘it usually “comes out” weird too…’

    you always make me laugh! 😆

    Tam has got the post and comment Juuuuust Right!

    love understands Tamrambles very well by now 🙂

    love sometimes speaks in the 3rd person too 🙂


  16. Tam – you are very deep!! I love your illustration of eating God’s word improperly…BTDT!!

    I’ve learned I better bathe myself in prayer before approaching the word, asking for the Holy Spirit to be my guide. (Satan does have a way of twisting the word…)


  17. i’d never before thought of the concept of spiritual gluttony. but i think you’re right. i’ve seen a lot of spiritual bulemia over the years — it seems like the plague of youth groups everywhere. the “binge” high of retreats, conferences, incredible worship services is often followed by the “purge” of slipping back into old habits, avoiding times with God, etc.



  18. Hey Love,
    I’ve been stewing over your post since yesterday and late late late last night I had a thought about it….it’s also kind of sparked from what Tam said in her comment about taking in the word improperly.

    When I am STARVING and haven’t eaten all day, I will eat the first thing I see. If it’s a piece of candy, I’ll eat it b/c I am so hungry. If it’s soda, I’ll drink it b/c I am so thirsty. Instead I should be eating something HEALTHY b/c that is what is better for me, especially on an empty stomach too.

    People who are God-starved will take in anything that is first offered to them. When they are so hungry for that love and connection, they fill up on the first “sweet thing” they get their hands on, whether it is truly good for them or not. They overindulge b/c they were so hungry to begin with. Same with food, I overindulge when I have gone without for a period of time….and then I regret it later.

    Am I making sense friend? 😉


  19. lol @ Debs – your Strength is a guide to us all Superwoman – i’ll remove the kryptonite soon, ‘K?
    (Just gotta finish what i started then i can ‘move on’ 🙂

    Michelle – i dont think you’d ever ‘Rush and gulp’ your ‘food’ young lady – i’m learning a lot about and from you 🙂

    Alece – Spiritual Bulemia! There’s a phrase i had never heard of before – but i so get what you mean – wow! – a whole side issue to my post i had not thought about – cool! Being given food does not mean man always gets the right ‘nutrition’ from it – very gooood! 🙂 Ties into Bran’s comment also.

    Morning Tam – found your adoption papers yet?? 😉

    Bran – While God never fails to give us what we need when we need it ( need versus ‘want’) What we do with what we receive can sometimes be a different ‘matter’. I like what you said above as it recognises that we are less than perfect and can abuse even that perfect thing which is of God – if we do not give it due and proper attention/digestion – because we are less than perfect when we receive what we receive. WE corrupt – even His perfect messages – WE can even ‘Corrupt’ Jesus (HE is INcorruptible – i mean WE may sometimes corrupt in our minds what we THINK He means/meant in what he did/said.

    He gives good things – we make them either too sweet – or too sour – for our own ‘taste’.
    Nice one Muffin! 😉


  20. Hello!

    I’m learning a lot from this post and the comments. Thanks to all of you. Honestly, I had not thought most of the things you guys said here, and I think you all make sense.

    At first I was just thinking about material food. You elevated my understanding when you all tried to look at gluttony from a spiritual point of view!

    This is just like a bible study, only much more fun! 🙂 (I’m now thinking I should go attend bible studies, what dya think? I used to do it when I was very young, like 14, 15, 16… and then I just stopped. I still go to church, but I’m no longer as active as I was when I was a kid. I think I stumbled somewhere…)

    My name. People who know me only by name often mistake me for an Indian, or having an Indian blood. Haha. But no, Im pure Filipino. My name’s coined from my parents’: Sher is from Sherly (Mom’s) and Ma is from Manuel (Dad’s). [I caught you grinning, LWBUT!]

    It’s not so rare in the Philippines to meet someone (especially first borns like myself) whose name is a combination of his/her parents’.

    Is this style of naming kids also practiced in your countries? And, what do you imagine your name would be had your parents thought of doing it? 🙂 [Come to think of it, it might be a good blogpost, a good way of boosting my comment stat shamelessly, as LWBUT puts it. Hmmm….]


  21. Thats sounds fun Brainteaser.

    Let’s see. My moms name is Florence. I know. So OLD school. My dad (sperm donor as I like to call him) is named John.

    Florence + John =


    There really isn’t anything else in there. If there are, I can’t imagine them being worse than Flojo.

    Good Grief!!!

    Is Love boycotting his own blog today?

    Hey sugar! where rrrrrr you????


  22. I need a better way to monitor my own blog comments – i’m missing out BIG Time! 😦
    Sherma – you saw my grin! i laughed out loud when i read what you wrote! 😀

    That is interesting ( name origins) and to my knowledge it is not so common here in Aus or the UK where i came from. Tam seems to have a similar understanding for her country (USA) i think?

    Flo-jo? it’s been DONE already 😉 how about Jorence? (Ee-yuk)

    Ok – so my name could have been Jenald or Doan in The Phillipines – want to figure out my folks’ names? 🙂

    Oops 😳 i did it wrong – my name could have been Jedo! or Doje??

    Good names for Jeddi Knights perhaps? 🙂

    As for prayer meetings – i think you would probably get more from them now than you used to Brainy, it depends a lot upon the maturity one has and the particular group you chose.

    I love to learn with my blogfriends – they make it so much FUN and we always learn best when we enjoy what we are doing. 🙂


  23. NO!!! I think it’s on my Random post today. It was a grammatical error that caused her to break in song about big butts! She’s so funny!

    I’d walk to Minot and kick her butt if she called me big butt. She knows better. I’m her elder 😉


  24. Oh shoot. i forgot i was “meditating” on that scripture.


    Then what i meant to say is….If Bran DID say I was a big booty mama, I would pray for her and love on her. Cause that’s the right thing to do!


    that’s it.


  25. Did tam just say “shoot dam” 😯

    I’m with you on this Love…imagine that 🙂

    I do think with food and with spiritual food, that some take things at different paces and in the same way body types accept or reject amount of foods differently, so do spiritual types.

    Sometimes the way we feed both physically and spiritually is the problem. Or better said, the intent in which we feed. then truly both can be unhealthy.

    Allowing food to nourish properly as well as his Spirit to fill us properly is a valuable goal in our lives.


  26. In Worship – i knew ‘love’ would win you over given time 🙂

    I don’t like to disagree with good folks!

    I hear you loud and clear here!

    however – Your Beloved actually said shoot d a r n – my silly font makes it look much worse!

    Tammy – that’s what i thought you said 🙂 (‘cos it IS the right thing to do!) – i can see i’m going to have to work on improving that memory of yours)

    As for poor Duke – Peter has it once again – i agree with the commenter wo said to let the owner now – but if the owner was the one doing the grooming it may not do much. If your LOVING address to her/him does not give satisfaction then you may want to clearly indicate you will no longer be using or recommending their co’s services.

    Thank you Sweetness for reminding me of Peter’s most wise words – i owe you! 🙂


  27. So many comments to comment on!

    “It is the efforts we make that ‘counts’ in our favour.” (by the way Love, my US spell check just SO wants to take that U out of favor!)
    Is it really the efforts WE make? Or perhaps is it in recognizing the effort that Jesus made and completed on the cross, and inviting the power of that to invade us, that counts? Otherwise, what do we do with those Jesus said to depart from Him for He knew them not when they told Him they had cast out many demons in His name, and done many mighty wonders?? Food for thought;)

    “Her ‘gluttony’ may have been ‘necessary to show/deal with something real and important in all your lives… the outcome seems to have been worth it?
    I wonder what was the ‘catalyst’ for your mother’s eventual more ‘balanced’ life?”

    Her ‘gluttony’ was out of fear. It’s how she “hid” from life. She didn’t take what she consumed and apply it often, it was what I call “conveyor belt spirituality” Gobble it up and spit it out to someone else without ever digesting it. Then you think I’m so fabulous and spiritual for the info I have, and you need me, and I don’t feel so worthless. Making sense? For years the depths of her relationship with all of us consisted of “watch this, read this, listen to this, take this”, yet none of it came from her heart. Trying to spoon feed us, yet never eating any of it herself. It would be what the Bible refers to as the scribes and pharisees, yet I would never call her that. Just the same disease. The need to “be”, as opposed to recognizing because of Jesus she already “is”.
    What brought about change in her? My Father, who enabled her so sweetly and let her spoon feed without addressing her own starvation….passed away in 2006. Simply, she needed relationship after that. I’m SO not an enabler, real relationship began to be built between my mother and I. And little by little, my siblings are walking through forgiveness and beginning to build one with her also. And she is eating now:)
    So this kind of spiritual gluttony, or “conveyor belt spirituality” actually causes starvation. But then, when we overload our own bodies with food, we starve them of the freedom to function smoothly, putting so much demand on our organs to deal with the overload…still a starved body. Most gluttons are starved you know. Spiritually, emotionally, even physically in some cases.


  28. “spiritual bulemia over the years — it seems like the plague of youth groups everywhere. the “binge” high of retreats, conferences, incredible worship services is often followed by the “purge” of slipping back into old habits, avoiding times with God, etc.”

    Well said Alece. Kind of like eating apple peels and never eating the apple itself. Always allowing the ‘outside’ to nourish you, but never taking nourishment from what is on the inside. The wellspring that is inside of us…the river of Living Water…hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit inside. We need the apple and the peel.


  29. “(I’m now thinking I should go attend bible studies, what dya think? I used to do it when I was very young, like 14, 15, 16… and then I just stopped. I still go to church, but I’m no longer as active as I was when I was a kid. I think I stumbled somewhere…”

    perhaps you didn’t stumble brain…perhaps you just began to “feed” yourself with something other than the food that used to bring you so much nourishment. Bible studies in a group can be so nourishing. As each one lets the stream inside of them flow…they all come together to make a rushing river…so refreshing!


  30. Must back away from the table….must put down the mouse….BLOG GLUTTONY MUST DIE! AHHHHH!
    Okay, going to get myself another cup of coffee. Settling down now. 🙂


  31. LOL i Feel an instant bond with yoUr HumoUr Kelly, My spell-check on my mail program keeps asking me the same thing for favour, neighbour, and tumour etc (“It’s not a too-mor”! Big Arnie in Kindergarten Cop!) 🙂

    My comment about what we do ‘counting’ was specifically referring to our own efforts (sincere ones) to not sin and obey our Father’s Will over our own and addresseed also those who feel they can sin and then repent and all will be well and do NOTHING to prevent recurrences of the same sin and repeat this process feeling ‘God’ will save them and they need not change their own errors because Jesus died for ALL sins. So they are now perpetually cleansed, no matter what, as long as they think they’re ‘saved’.

    Those who do such/think such don’t get Him in the least and are in for a nasty surprise ahead.

    I tried to explain that as long as we are sincere in our wish to repent/remove error from us that, even if we at times fail, as long as we keep on taking up our cross and making the effort to be as Him we will be rewarded, not punished.

    I understand where you are coming from concerning ‘Salvation’ as not being of works alone but of Faith.

    Those who do such/think such don’t get Him in the least and are in for a nasty surprise ahead.


  32. Leesh’s Spiritual Bulemia, Eating apples Peel, Flesh and SEED CORE and all (it is the SEED that is the reason for the whole apple!) and the inner well-spring vs the outside – oh wow – you and i could have Looooooooonnnnng Discusssions over that one – i think we would be in agreement but would have such differening perspective points on that one!


  33. Hmmm….sin against His will? Yes. But also weakness. in need of Grace. in need of salvation to invade that area of our heart. I can’t speak for every instance of gluttony, but from my own experiences in life with myself and others, it seems to me that it’s stemmed in fear. Trying to fill inner emptiness, and “shut up” voices of inadequacy. Skepticism perhaps. I know in America, we’ve seen so much mess in the church, it’s easy to doubt. But even deeper than that, it’s become easy to doubt the magnitude of One’s love that we cannot see…when this world has become so ‘visible’. I know when I truly looked inside of my own heart and beliefs, I really didn’t believe His love was so great for me that because of His Son I really was righteous. I found all these nasty, life-starving beliefs that everything I did constantly displeased Him. I felt shame, inadequacy…one of the very things the blood of Jesus was poured out to take from me. I’ve been in the process of learning that it’s what Jesus DID that makes me pleasing to the Father…for every sin was paid for and I am now righteous IN HIM! I believe when we grasp the fact that every sin was paid for by the blood…and the effects of it…when we really get that….just how free we are…we won’t even want to sin. I don’t believe those who truly taste the fullness of His grace will just flippantly say “well, then I can just sin, and no consequences!” I believe their hearts will be so in love with Him, sinning will be the furthest thing from their minds. This could become so very long, as I’ve been pursuing the heart of the Father, through His Word, on this very thing lately. I’m sure you will see many more blogs on my page along this line soon:) I feel like I have been blind to grace, to the work of the cross….the sacrifice of Jesus…concerning my ENTIRE life, not just prior to my salvation “experience”, so in light of what God has been recently opening my eyes to, I am re reading the entire Bible looking for what I had previously not seen! I’m sure we will have many more flavorful discussions!


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