A Little Geography Lesson


Australia – the Island between the Indian and Southern Pacific Oceans – a coupla thousand kilometres North of Antarctica is my (adopted) Home.

It has a tad over 20 million population, from virtually every country on the planet, and has a Coastline that measures (if stretched out into a single straight line) roughly 60 thousand kilometres which equates to one and a half times the globe’s circumference around the Equator!

That means that every single Aussie has roughly 3 metres of coast for their very own!

Here’s my permanent allocation…

MINE! (Click to enlarge)

…I took the photo today.

Along with these:

And these of our National Surf Lifesaving Championship preliminary events:

And lastly – Tam! Avert your gaze – Speedo Warning!

(Click if you dare) 🙂

I’d like to say the Dude holding the Malibu is me – but i’m much more Buff than that! 😉


  1. Enjoyed your photos and thinking about visiting your country sometime (??)when we’re able. We’ll come see you if you’ll consider coming here too =).

    The beaches are lovely, but where are the mountains and trees?

    Here’s a sampling of the Oregon coast to wet your appetite: http://www.coos-bay.net/coastal2.html
    I dare say don’t bring the speedo though if you want to get in the water here. An efficiently insulated wet suit would be much more practical instead (pretty much year round =).



  2. Amazing! Reminds me of the beaches in Florida – white sand with turquoise waters. My favorite! But I must admit those pics of Oregon look like heaven on earth to me.

    So Love, Are you trying to create envy/jealousy/coveting within your fellow bloggers so we can talk about that sin next? 😉


  3. Hiya there!

    Love the beach! (But I’ve already forgot about your geography lesson. Geog just ain’t my forte!)



  4. Nice call Michelle! i think Love is provoking us 😯

    I can’t believe you got a shot of a speedo. weren’t my instructions the opposite?

    i haven’t sent you to your room in a long time friend…..


  5. Laz – Or looks very scenic and now i know a few folks there i would not mind travelling and meeting up with Y’aww (darn that Mandy Vid!) 🙂

    Looks like i might need to bring more than shorts and a T-shirt though? 😉

    The mountains (well – we call them mountains) are on the other side of the city to the beach – 35 kms or so inland – all National Park covered in forest.

    Our Big Trees – like your redwoods – are ‘down south’ of the state about 3oo kms from the city.

    Michelle – See right through me you do. More than a little Yoda in you. there is. me think? 😉

    Envy was next in the Alpha list. 🙂

    It’s also about pride – i’m very proud to live in one of the cleanest and most beautiful cities on Earth and i love to show it off to any and everyone 🙂

    Brainy – as long as the pictures stay in your memory – that’s the important thing i wanted to share here. 🙂

    Tam!? – would i do such a thing??? (giggle – wellll, maybe just a little 🙂 )

    I simply could NOT get that Budgie-smugling Camera Hog out of my photograph – truly! Would i lie to YOU? 😉

    Going now, Mom ….


  6. 😆 Love you are hot in a speedo! hahaha thanks for sending my prize and glad it wasn’t the speedo one, I wouldn’t have been able to save it to my desktop photos…kid friendly and all (hubs friendly and all) 🙂 love your slide shows!


  7. Hey Love, I don’t know how I managed to not make it over here before… Thanks for the geography lesson. The never-ending beach looks pretty inviting. I resisted temptation and did NOT enlarge the speedo shot. Is that boasting? Oh well, there no way off this page without revealing something…


  8. Ric! ( or is it Tom? 😉 or Kay?? ) Welcome! 🙂

    Glad you liked the beaches, they are kind of special and so close to my home and extend for mile after mile – room for you and family any-time (come in your winter/spring for best weather!- leave the speedo’s at home though – i am not sure i could stand the ‘revelation’ 😉 )


  9. No no no no no no no no – you misunderstand me greatly Alece…

    I was being sincere in the hope that you found enjoyment in this post and the photos and that you might be free to gain such enjoyment at your leisure whenever you felt need of a little warmth and good cheer!

    THESE are my shameless plugs for more visitors! 🙂



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