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OK – Here’s the thing.. I hate it when a computer that does something perfectly well one day seems to do something completely different the next! It BUGS me and i try like crazy to figure out what happened and why. Some times i am completely baffled .

I have grown up using computers since my High School days (longer ago than i care to recall) and the days of punch cards and MS-DOS. I have studied various computer courses and languages including the original ‘BASIC’, Unix, Pascal and even a misguided attempt at C ++. I have lived through at least 7 regenerations of Windows from Ver 3.0 and Windows for Workgroups 3.1.1 (for those with memories that long!) so i believe i have a fair idea of what computers are and how they work, although i confess, Microsoft seems to me to be going where no man has any right to go in my humble opinion!

I have (and i am sure other WordPress users have too) noticed some weird stuff happening lately that it didn’t used to do – or maybe it always did it and i just had not noticed it fully – but Here’s the Thing – and forgive me if this is not as much news to you as it was to me but i must have missed the ‘information evening’ if there was one that told everybody this….

WordPress wants you to log in each time you ‘use’ it now.

The tricky part is – you can still use it if you don’t!! – and even trickier – it sometimes seems to do it for you ‘automatically’ without you having to do anything – or maybe that is just a ‘hangover’ from the last time you used it and it had not logged you ‘out’ yet!

I fear i am not making much sense… to fill it in a little for you…

You know the icon picture that usually goes next to your name when you comment? Well sometimes i see mine and sometimes i don’t! Sometimes i can see other’s icon’s and sometimes i can’t. – This sort of thing BUGS me as i said before…

NOW – i know why that happens (i think)… and a few more things (like comments not appearing after i write them – or having no trace of me writing one on my own dashboard under ‘comments’ etc.)

I HAVE to log in BEFORE my comments are ‘approved’ or before WordPress will ‘show’ my picture icon!  If i don’t log in i can still leave comments on my or other people’s blogs as ‘lovewillbringustogether’ but they go to await moderation on someone’s email list before they will appear on their (or even my own!) blog. ( or perhaps they are even ‘spammed’! 😯 )

I can read my own blog without logging in – i can add comments without doing so – but i cannot ‘see’ my Dashboard’ unless i do and it will not keep track of comments i make unless i do!

This was not made clear when i was reading the initial ‘brochure’ before becoming a WordPress consumer (or maybe it did and i didn’t read all the fine print) – But i know it NOW!

And if you have read this far – hopefully now, so do you – Always Log In, People! 

Hint: – if you cannot see the blue (well mine’s blue anyways) menu bar at the very top of your WordPress window that shows things like ‘My Dashboard’ and ‘My Account’ then you ain’t logged in!

Go Here: logging page



  1. Okay, I’m commenting now without ‘logging in'(?), but my name and email address are already showing in the boxes above my comment. Sometimes they don’t, so I add them again (is that ‘logging in’?).

    Of course, I never have a photo because I don’t have a blog and haven’t entered a comment picture either (never could figure that out anyway)though I did set up a wordpress account.

    I do know that a week or so ago I made a comment that never made it through. So, I thought perhaps God thought I should rephrase it (for my ‘protection’ from misunderstanding =). I did that and the second one didn’t go through either.

    When that happens, I take a major ‘attitude check’ and sure ‘nuf, I probably shouldn’t have commented at all. So, I thank God for not letting me get into anymore trouble than I already am !

    Of course, that also means that the ones that do make it through have His approval =)!!


    P.S. We’ll see if this one does =))!


  2. confusing. but i think i know what you mean. BUT… when i follow your logging page link, it shows that i’m already logged in. and yet i still don’t see the blue banner on top of the page. and i wonder if my picture will show up with my comment. let’s see…


  3. Hi Laz, B and Alece 🙂

    glad you are ‘listening’ to Him D, and that He approves of your comment here – so do i! 😉

    If you’d LIKE to have a pic after your comment let me know and i’ll email you with the instructions – it is not too tricky!….and i’m sorry but writing your name in those boxes won’t log you into wordpress – but you do need to put something in one box (2 boxes??) at least for WordPress to let you post on someone’s blog.

    B, Thank you for your comment – always happy to ‘oblige’ (entertain/inform) and to see you here. 🙂

    Alece, your comment was stuck in my moderation queue – sorry! That fact (since i thought i had moderated you once already and that usually means you get to leave comments without being moderated!?) seems to be telling me that WordPress was not registering you as logged in? If you cannot see a bar with My Account and My Dashboard in it at the top of the window you are reading this in (you may need to scroll right up to the top of this window to see it! – it doesn’t stay in view at all times like the explorer or firefox menu bars) then WordPress is not registering you as logged in (but why the go to page shows that you are ‘bothers’ me!??) The colour of the banner will depend upon the WordPress Theme colour coding you have chosen as your blog’s ‘style’ but it should have ‘Dashboard’ in it somewheres?

    Hope this all makes sense and helps everyone reduce the level of ‘weird stuff’ going on??

    Remember – they are computers, created by man ( Satan actually 😉 ) and wil never get EVERYTHING ‘right’ no matter what we do! 🙂


  4. While we’re on spelling…

    [and I know the Aussie and English add those ‘u’s to embellish? perhaps,
    or maybe we’re the ones who took them out? =)


    not ‘peak’

    unless you had a different meaning in mind (at the highest point of yours, of course).

    P.S. We’ll see if this one makes it through(?).
    Love, yes, there is another ‘power’ at work often, and Paul didn’t call him the ‘prince of the power of the air’ for nothing (Eph. 2:2).


  5. nice pick up D – i missed that one (peak) 🙂

    The French added the ‘u’ and being under French rule for a while in the early second millenium England ( which is where ‘English’ actually comes from! 😉 ) adopted it and forgot to ‘let go’ after ‘we’ got it back from the frogs.

    America borrowed the language from the Founding Fathers but over time adopted a more ‘phonetic’ way of spelling things like color and tire and nite( instead of the ‘correct’ colour and tyre and night 😉 )

    You (America) also chose to ‘shorten’ measures like gallons, pints and tons so the rich could get even richer by giving less for the same price.

    Possibly one of the reasons why the US still maintains your version of ‘imperial’ measures and have not swapped to the simpler metric system like the rest of the English speaking world?

    Just so’s we’re all clear ? 🙂


  6. Hey #7! 🙂

    Of course i know, and your comment made me smile – as they so often do! 🙂

    Sorry if my last one seemed to display a different ‘understanding’ i just thought it ‘proper’ to account for some of the differences between where we live and how they came into being. Often we never realise some things about stuff we are so ‘ingrained’ in unless someone can provide us with a perspective from somewhere different to our own ‘comfort zone’.

    God seems to be able to operate in just such a fashion – providing us with a different ‘perspective’ from our own with which we may see ourselves in a new ‘light’.

    With what eyes do we see – with what ears do we hear?


    love you Tam 🙂


  7. Okay Love I love that you addressed this issue b/c seriously that has been driving me crazy as well!!! On B’s page…er…uh, Vinny…. my icon doesn’t show up unless I am logged in, but one some peoples blogs it does. It’s WEIRD!! And yes, you have to log in or it doesn’t track your comments…that was so annoying b/c one day I commented on a blog I had never been to before and didn’t know how I got to it and wanted to go back to it later, and checked my “recent comments” section, and there was NOTHING THERE. I was baffled…and that is when I figured it out.

    “we may just be kindred spirits after all” 😉
    (line from my favorite movie….can you guess?)


  8. educated guess?! hahaha! 😆

    And no, not sleepless in seattle. I don’t think I’ve even seen that all the way through. 😉

    Anne Of Green Gables. I am hokey, I know. 😉


  9. Nice to be here. 😉 I came around a bit when you were on your “walkabout” and kept wondering “where the heck is he?” haha 😉

    I had a blended coffee drink today. Sorry. 😉 haha It was sooooo gooooood. White chocolate, one shot espresso, and caramel blended with ice. SO. GOOD. MMMMM. 😛


  10. Anne of Green Gables??? Didn’t know you were a fan of silent movies?? 😉 That’s so way before my time! 😉

    Ok – so my ‘education’ may be lacking somewhat – it was a line from Shrek though!

    Would it be unfair of me to suggest that you seem to be perhaps a tad a slave of your ‘fleshly’ desires?? ( like the candy bowl, iced coffees and similar? ) 😯


  11. It was a line from Shrek?? haha!! Jake would probably know it too. I’m not the biggest movie buff. 😉

    I love Anne of Green Gables. It’s my biggest “geek factor” about me. haha! 😉

    Unfair?! A slave?! Fleshly desires?! 😯
    Yes Love, I very much lack willpower in some areas. Particularly food, and my wittle waptop here. 😉 😆

    I must get to bed though….Jake is giving me “the look.” No, not THAT look! 😯 The look that says “go to bed!!” 😆

    Later Love!! btw, I love that you are online late (for me) b/c that means I’m not lurking our friends alone! 😆 haha!


  12. Here’s a good example of the unpredictability of posting a comment. This is the third time this AM (I’ve only been up three hours) that I’ve tried to post this. I tend to think it was ‘spiritual interference’, and by the time I’m done it may be clear why.

    It takes me a while to ‘hear’ and respond as I believe I should, so I apologize for the delay.

    RE: my response to iW’s comment (quite a while ‘up there’ by now):
    I’m sure his gracious remarks were understood and well received. It’s just that sometimes those misspellings can take on a whole new meaning of their own. His ‘peak-ed’ my memory to a comment I made Easter Sun. AM on Godsgal’s blog, and maybe that’s why it really got my attention.

    There was certainly no insult intended, so I’m sorry if any was taken. In also saying previously about my comments ‘getting through’ with God’s ‘approval’ that’s sure not to say sometimes it’s His ‘permission’ instead to show me how it should have been worded differently… or to humbly apologize for any offense taken.

    So sorry for any that was.

    That’s why the ‘interference’ this AM I think (via the ‘prince of the air’ who delights in dividing us from one another!). I wouldn’t have been able to ‘offer my gift’ of worship then except I’d already determined to ‘make it right’ in my heart anyway (see Mt. 5:23-24). The ‘follow through’ is definitely essential though, which I’m still attempting =}.

    I think I’ll copy this to another file just in case it gets lost in cyberspace again =).

    P.S. Love, thanks for your interesting history on the origins of ‘u’. And, yes, if you’d like to guide me through entering a comment photo, email me (so as not to get further off your original post here =). I do have a pic in mind to use if ‘approved’=).


  13. Hey love! I had similar problems too, but I went to support, and they emailed that they have been working on WordPress to make it better…do you believe that?? The other thing is I use Norton for antivirus, and they also updated and now a lot of my auto sign ins all need to be worked on…oh well!! I do remember all those versions too! hahahaha i took classes for programing but now it comes already programed..i love it when it works! Have a good day! or good night!


  14. and another weirdness… when i comment on my own site, my picture doesn’t show up, but it does in the ‘recent comment’ box on my sidebar!


  15. G’Day Laz2,

    I think anyone who posts here already understands that sometimes our comments do not read the way we intended them to.

    I have certainly never taken offence at anything you write here and i hope no-one else has?

    I may not always read what you write the way you intended (as i’m sure people don’t always read my comments as i intended) but thank you for your clarifications. 🙂

    I am writing you a mail to help you get your photo up – hope it helps?


  16. Hey Darla and Alece!

    You’re right – it’s good – WHEN IT WORKS!!! 😉

    ‘Connie’ 😉 I am sure you are not getting ‘logged in’ fullt for some reason. Your name will still show up in the boxes near the comment as you type comments in that box – but that does not mean you are logged into WordPress!

    i ‘log in’ by clicking on one of the ‘approve’,spam it’ or ‘delete’ links in my inbox under someone’s email notification of a comment on my blog ( This brings up a small ‘log in’ box that remembers my name and password for me – i keep forgetting what password i used for various computer uses!!- sigh)

    Failing that go to : and log in under ‘Already Hip?’

    Since your photo shows on my comments i am assuming you did log in successfully while you were sending them? You should see the ‘dashboard’ bar when you are logged in – if you don;t email wordpress for help!

    And Tam ( as always ) is quite right – your computer is probably getting all ‘tongue-tied’ at how beautiful you are 🙂

    Oh by the way (btw since you ‘love’ abbrev’s) i said i didn’t like Meg Ryan’s (short) hairstyle and the way she said my name ( last time i spoke with her 😉 ).

    Apart from that – she’s gorgeous!

    Just so we’re clear? 🙂


  17. So I thought I’d add you to my roll, now that you’re back in rotation. 😉

    BTW, Meg Ryan???? 😯 This is a blogworthy topic I think….. 😉 Also, I happened to love her short hair…but then again I would. I can’t seem to stop cutting mine. 😉


  18. P.S. You will be glad to know we avoided all sugary foods/treats today and I didn’t even have caffeine until Jake brought home my favorite drink. 😉 Pretty good, for me. 😉

    It was a MUCH milder day today. 😀


  19. Thanks for your detailed message about adding a picture. It was actually easier since I already had a comment account set up. Once I knew to get on ‘dashboard’ it went right to ‘add a photo’.

    Sooo, we’ll see if it works, and if so, whether I’ll keep the same photo. I won’t ‘name it’ till I see if it works the first time.

    I don’t know about the whole ‘log in thing, but right now it says above the box here that I’m logged in.

    So, here goes….


  20. Hey! it worked!

    Lazrus…come forth! and we did!

    (yeh, I know there’s supposed to be an ‘a’ in the middle of it, so no misspelling comments please =).



  21. I will gladly leave the spelling issues alone 🙂

    Just one note to Alece and others. Our computers store memory called cookies. When you type in a field like your name or email in your web browser, your computer remembers what you typed in that box. So the next time you open the web browser and go to a page you’ve types something in before…your info is already there. This does not mean that you are logged into your WordPress account. It only means that your information was saved in a cookie for later use.

    So, Alece, you may not see your “blue” bar at the top because you are not logged in…even though you may see your information already filled in the boxes. If you are logged in, you won’t see the boxes with info in them, you will see a little line above the comment box that says, “logged in as …”

    Does this make sense?


  22. Normally, i would not recommend anyone give out personal information to ‘strange men’ in cyberspace who ask for it…

    While In Worship IS a strange man (uncommonly strange indeed! 🙂 – don’t know WHAT Tam sees in him 😉 ) I would trust him implicitly!

    What i don’t trust however are some of the ‘lurkers’ out there who can read personal info we all type in comment boxes, so could i reccomend Alece ‘discuss this with In Worship (or me) via email ( Vinny – it’s ok if i give Alece your email addy – right? Thanx in advance 😉 )


  23. Oh B – Thanks for your info on cookies for those who may not be aware that their computer can ‘spy on them’ these days – unless they take action to try and prevent it (and that has only limited chances for success – the ‘cost’ may not be worth the ‘safety’ factor 😦

    LAZ2! – welcome to the world of pic comments – clever old you 🙂 – now if i could figure out what it is a pic OF??

    Two birds kissing maybe?

    Bran ( belated – sorry was cut chort on blogging yesterday) nice job on cutting back on sugar – Gold star! * 🙂


  24. I can see it could be a bit too small in the comment box to tell what it is, but perhaps it’s clearer in the recent comment area.

    Just to make sure you recognize it though, I’ll email you the original (before cropping).

    The ‘clue’ that I alluded to re: ‘Lazrus’ is found in John 11:43. I also figured if the photo doesn’t show up some time, the little faceless white guy in its place could be ‘Lazrus’ after exiting, but not yet ‘loosed and let go'(vs. 44). What a shame tho’ to be raised, but still all bound up (‘sounds like a good spiritual lesson in there somewhere =)!

    Thanks for your help getting him/her(me) this far!



  25. Hi folks! How are you?

    I’m relatively new at wordpress, and there are many things here that I cannot get from blogger. My only problem is that when I post, I have a hard time formatting the texts. They tend to ‘run in.’ I still haven’t found the right solution, so what I do is type a period after each paragraph then change its color into white (same as the background), so that there will be space in between paragraphs. Do you have the same problem, or am I just doing things wrong?

    I hope my comment is not too off-topic. 🙂

    Have a great day and God bless!


  26. Hi Brainy, I am very well, thank you 🙂 Sorry for the delay in replying.

    Your comment is most welcome (as are you to visit anytime) and certainly not off-topic.

    I am a relative new-comer to WordPress and so may not be the best person to answer you but i will do my best now and ask around to see if there is a simpler ‘solution’ 🙂

    I believe the cause of your posting problem may have to do with your selection of a ‘Theme’. I do not have the same problem with my theme (‘benevolence’) however i have noticed the same thing occur when i visit a few other blogs and try leaving comments – no seperation of the paragraphs!

    Also, there may be a ‘space-saving’ feature, as on my theme i cannot leave multiple spaces even if i type multiple end-of-line keys when i post.

    My suggestion for now is to go to Dashboard’ and select ‘presentation’ and try choosing another theme to see if that cures your posting complaint.

    your solution seems to be a satisfactory one if you wish to keep the theme you have selected but i will ‘ask around’!

    Stay tuned and keep up your great blogwork! 🙂


  27. Hey LWBUT!

    Have you noticed the changes they made at wordpress? That solved my problem, friend! It’s just like they read my post in your blog and said to themselves, “let’s go help her!” 🙂

    Great, isn’t it?


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