The Queen and the Soldier

OK – I know i said i would have a simple question in my next post…

This is the next post to ‘The Message’ and there is no question in it – i beg your continued indulgences…

The Message was humbling – i am glad so many of you responded so sincerely and even persistently to my comments – you are all very kind to humour me in that fashion.

It was i feel  ‘quite’ deep and some went where I intended (although none i feel followed it the whole way and got ‘side-tracked’ with a quite minor issue of relevance to me but thanks for answering the questions with your input).

Tam’s blog led me to something i have wanted to share with as many as would listen for quite some time now and this post is the result and is therefore a little ‘out of sequence’ to what i might have previously intended – we all get side-tracked in life a little at times, huh? 🙂

I think i can say quite without fear of contradiction that almost none of you will have ever seen a song in concert like this one in the following Video is.

I was a little apprehensive about displaying this version and chose it finally out of the many other copies that just show the Song, primarily because of the sound quality and it is the song i REALLY wanted to show you all in a way that it touches me most strongly – the SOUNDS!

 I chose the video only slightly because of the fairly ‘radical’ way it is presented which i do admit i find a little fascinating – for all the ‘firsts’ is contains.

The video is a tad under ten minutes long. If you are in anything of a hurry and this is longer than you wish to spend here then please ‘skip’ the first three minutes thirty seconds introduction, which is mostly for technoheads, and explains what you are seeing – which basically is a computer animation of a live web-broadcast in real time  -amazing to those who speek geek! 🙂

The song is the important part of this post and begins at 3:30 in…

This song has spoken to me for twenty years since i first loaned the album from a CD library. I am not sure what it is saying to me, exactly – all i know is it is saying it on a VERY ‘deep’ level – maybe it will for you, maybe it won’t but i think you deserve to hear it ( again perhaps?)

I never grow tired of listening to it. Suzanne Vega is truly beautiful – and so is her music – and especially this song.

I give you – Suzanne Vega and: The Queen and the Soldier  (via Second Life)



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