How the Other Half Live…

Ok – I promised someone very special  (and perfect! 😉 ) that the next time i was down the local beach i would take a few shots to show her what my home City is like…

The Beach is about a 15 minute drive from where i live and is called City Beach -Take a guess why that is?? 🙂 )

A friend and i bought some Fish and Chips (an english ‘delicacy’ that has survived the transfer to this side of the Equator quite nicely) and ate it out of it’s paper wrapping, sitting in our car, watching the Sun go down over the Indian Ocean, and watching all the beautiful and not so beautiful people enjoy the end of a simply perfect day in True ‘Aussie’ style.

It simply does NOT get much better than this…

Beach 1

Beach 2

Beach 3

Beach 4

Beach 5

Beach 6


  1. Aaahhhh! There’s only one thing missing from these pics….ME!

    This is so beautiful Love…How can you stand it? 😉

    Hope you had a nice time with your out of town company. We missed ya here around these parts.

    Thanks for the pics! I don’t know whether to smile in awe or cry from separation anxiety…One day friend, one day 🙂


  2. Missing One (U) and Three (B K, and k) and maybe 7 more? (Your picks!)

    How do I stand it? – Practice! – lots and lots of patient ( giggle) practice 😀

    Nice time? Nice does not begin to come anywhere remotely close to defining how great a weekend i have had – and pretty much every second of the last week so far – How wonderful is it being re-united with long lost GOOD friends? 🙂

    Do Both! and revel in His Beauty – both here and in a different way in your location (i bet you could knock MY socks off with some local wonders, if you tried some time? 🙂

    The sooner that ‘Day’ comes the better, as far as Eye am concerned, young Lady! 😉


  3. One of the great joys of being retired is I now have the time to go to the beach everyday, weather permitting.

    The best parts of the day are sunrise, if I ambitious enough to drag my body of bed early enough, and sunset. I try to make the time to see one or the other every day.

    I notice in picture #5 there are a group of people in the left side of the picture that appear to be exercising. There is also one lone man bending over by himself on the right side of the picture. Are you either?


  4. G’Day Ed 🙂

    Sounds like you have a great game plan going on over there, and you don’t miss much huh? 😉

    The group on the left of #5 seemed to be a gang of relatively unfit Aussies who had got together at the beginning of the ‘sun’ season (October through June) to try and remove some of the ‘excess’ of winter (July 29 to July 31 here in Perth usually) 😉 and were engaging in a decent amount of warm ups before a light three hour game of touch footy (Aussie Rules beach style – no body slamming allowed)

    Being the superbly muscled and toned animal that i am i did not feel the need to show up any of my fellow species lesser examples (A – Hemmmm!) or humiliate them by dry heaving uncontrolably as i lay gasping for breath after a few minutes ‘participation’ 🙂

    The youngish man(??) centre right, bending over, i would not know from a particulalry unusual piece of driftwood and i am actually the one behind the camera in all six photo’s – Trust me – this is by far the best arrangement for those of you who do not wish to have ‘re-heated’ seconds on whatever it was you last ate! 🙂

    Seeing my ‘one eye’ in my comment pic is quite enough ‘revelation’ for the moment, i feel – as for the future? Who knows what may yet lie in store?? 😀


  5. Hi Love welcome back!!!! This is so beautiful…God is such a wonder. Hope your weekend was wonderful and that the Lord is doing amazing things in your life…..hope to hear from ya soon! Debs 🙂


  6. Hi Big C – For weather details see para 3 of my post above your question 🙂

    For additional information it is estimated to be 34 deg C as a max and 17 deg C as a min today ( 94 – 64 F with around 30% humidity – quite dry actually 😉 ) this is what is to be expected most days for around the next 7 months before fall and winter and spring transpire in roughly 5 months or so 🙂 We have a ‘Mediterranean’ ( read: ‘resort’) climate in Perth with the occasional day or two over 106 deg F (41 C) but on those days the sea breeze off the Indian Ocean (locally known as the Fremantle Doctor because it crosses the coast over Fremantle (harbour port) and brings relief to millions) makes things very bearable very quickly.
    Rainfall is usually only in June – August and averages around 6-700 mm these days (around 30 inches annually) and it NEVER snows!.

    We get the odd wind gust and electrical storm, and once or twice a decade we might get a tiny whirly or mini twister but the odds are you will not come into contact with one – i have not personally in 37 years here. What else can i tell you??

    Oh yes the air is loaded with the smell of all kinds of food being barbecued or ‘webber’ed from early November until about mid-May. Frying onions and a thick juicy steak aroma are particularly troublesome in my locale – if i am not the one producing them!

    It is not absolute heaven though as the spring air gets quite thick with wheat (we are a major world producer of the finest durum wheat here in W.A.) and grass pollens, as well as the thousands of different spring wildflowers WA is famous for, can get right up your nose and a few locals get bad spring fever and asthma problems, poor dears, so if you suffer you best be prepared to bring anti-histamine by the truck-load and just survive till late-ish Summer/Autumn (that’s ‘Fall’ to you)

    Being a few degrees south of the tropics means the sun rises and sets at quite reasonable hours and you don’t get any of that messing around with the sun staying up till midnight or going to bed before you finish work or getting up after you started already.

    Any more details required just call Bob’s Tavel Agency at this address. <===<<

    Jellyfish? yes but the non-stinging kind locally – the deadly ones are in the
    north of the state Dec- March – avoid if poss! 🙂 We also have jelly babies which are the local equiv of gummi bears – but they are quite tame and do not swim very well 🙂 (If you like the water i won’t mention that Perth is on the Great White Shark trans-migratory route and they come in close to shore to bite local’s Surf Ski’s but they mainly do this at either dawn or dusk so avoid the water at those times and you should feel quite safe. Yes! – Shark Patrols in the air are a feature of our beautiful stretch of pure white beaches, as are life guards)

    Cost of living – we have to keep it high to keep out the Riff Raff – bring a LOAD of money and spend most of it on me please – i am qite poor and canot reed or right verry wel. 😉 ( and my Porsche needs a re-spray!)

    As the mining boom has been ‘benfitting’ this state (Gold, Oil, Iron ore, diamonds, mineral sands, nickel, copper, etc etc etc.) for most of the last thirty years and especiallythis millenium people are fianlly catching on this IS God’s Own Country and are moving here to be closer to Him and accorignly land prices have quite literally gone through the ROOF in the last three years ( you should have been here in 2001!! 😉 ) but are still probably comparable with a major city in the US and our exchange rate is now almost equalling yours thanks to oil prices and the disaster in Iraq that has cost your economy billlions. – Get out while you still can ! 😉 😀


  7. Yes, I think of the Spiritual Gift of Funny… At least it’s something – if that counts 😉

    It’s 35 degrees here Love! Let me say it again…
    T.H.I.R.T.Y F.I.V.E. Degrees!!!

    Have a great day [-(


  8. Love tried to answer some of your questions left on my blog..I will try better when I have a little more time…I owe I owe so off to work I go! *whistling* Have a good sleep…27 degrees here this morning and windy..I am going to freeze!


  9. 22degrees today..very very tempting!! one of my life goals is to visit Australia, I know Scott talks about it too, he really likes the thinking of the government.. 🙂 have a good sleep while I freeze


  10. I had a good long sleep today – something has gone wrong with our weather! – last two days was only 21 deg Celsius max (around 70 F) who ordered a ‘side’ of Winter?? Brrrr – i may need to put on a long sleeved shirt again? It even RAINED yesterday! we have now had about a third of an inch since Nov 1 ( and into October actually)

    I hear Oregon/Washington is not having such a nice time of it at the moment? 15 dead so far?? Not Good – hope all my friends and everyone else is going to be safe over there for the foreseeable future?

    The warm weather is expected by the weekend – Whoopee! 🙂

    I’ll be keeping things warm till you can all visit 🙂

    Sending you warm waves of Aus!



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