Having a birthday?

I tried posting this a time back and had ‘problems’ Hopefully they are ‘resolved’ mostly now…

If you are having yet another birthday ( or knows someone who are 😉 maybe this will brighten your day and theirs a little more??

Ok – go to In Worships website (on my blogroll on left <=====) and see it there if you will.


  1. My Heart is Bleeding for you and your sleepy head Tam – the rest of me, as usual, is laughing at the humour you are abundantly full of 🙂

    Maybe once he wakes up and ‘does the rounds’ – in between his many other ‘duties’ lol.

    Ever considered Earlpugs #7?? 🙂


  2. Hey Love…here ya go.

    There are 2 different codes for Youtube videos. One is a “link” code the other is an “embed” code.

    WordPress only allows the use of “link” codes not the “embed” code. The difference is pure and simple. The embed code is long and the link code is short 🙂

    You probably already know this, but just place the link code in the video section underneath your post editing box…kind of like you are uploading a picture.

    So here is the link code for that video…



  3. Hey Debs 🙂

    Please don’t feel so bad about the PEOPLE over at FC. To show them the way we might just need to try a different ‘tack’.

    If we find ourselves in direct ‘opposition’ with someone digging their heels in and asking you to ‘walk a mile’ – Walk with them TWO – too – 2 – to – gether a time. Is easier on BOTH of you that way and He will do what is required in His Plan – sound ‘GOOD’?? 🙂 🙂


  4. Love and Gods Gal,

    I agree with both of you that a “discussion” on FC seems to degenerate into personal attacks all to quickly.

    We can exchange views to better understand each other but a debate is a useless exercise.

    Even on Jason’s site we don’t agree but our exchanges never get to name calling.

    It is interesting that I now spend more time on sites run by Christians like you then I do on sites by atheist.

    You guys seem to have more fun together. 🙂


  5. Jason- I am coming over to your site..and fighting is not my strong suit anymore…but I do love fun!

    Love- thanks for your sweet comment..hope you are haveing an awesome day!


  6. Ed,you are so right….yesterday was horrible and I allowed myself to get drawn into major drivle…is that a word? Won’t happen anymore…I need to stay around like minded people, (yes Ed that includes you, you actually care about people 😉 and discuss things at a higher level. Love ya! Love I see four posts on my most current one, did you write more? Love you guys….


  7. G’day Love!

    How are you? Just watched Finding Nemo with Kota and thought of you. Not because of the Clown Fish but because they had to find their way to Australia. Great movie! Hope you’re well!

    Love ya!


  8. Hi Everyone – Sorry but my real life has got in the way of my cyber one for the last couple of days and i have not been paying my usual ‘attention’ here 🙂 I CAN assure you all that i have NOT forgotten or care any less about ANY ONE of you who i now consider to be Friends – most VERY good ones 😀 (That includes YOU Jace 🙂 )

    So briefly – Darla – Thank you! hope to have more kinds words soon (you are in my prayers each day)

    Ed – I am very happy to continue to grow our aquaintance sir, and do respect your ‘enlightened’ views for a man with an ever-opening mind 🙂 P.S. I do not consider myself a ‘traditional’ Christian as i have a couple of what, to some people, are kinda ‘heretical’ views, but i certainly do consider Christ to have been born mortal and lives eternally and is at One with the One God of All That IS (and then some)so i guess that would make me a ‘True’ Christian even though my ‘conversion’ has been slow and only very recently would i adopt that term ‘willingly’ ( and Totally too 🙂 ) I would best describe myself as a REALIST who Believes and is not afraid to declare his belief (since everyone of us has faith at our most ‘basic’ core level – even the most hardened atheist has no ultimate proof for his own existance and that of his consciousness – it is taken (very) basically upon Faith!

    J – kind of you to stop by and i realise you were not ‘picking a fight’ with me ( at least not in your comment above 😉

    In Worship – yes – it is isn’t it – could not have done it without you, Guy! Have a Hug! 😀

    Debs – i wrote four but as of writing the last one NONE of the first three were then visible to me on your site – most ‘Unusual’ as i DID see the first one posted ‘up’ before i wrote the second one – then when i went back an hour or so later neither were there and hence my last two mails – you can delete those if you wish 🙂 Love YA! 🙂

    #7 NOT because of the Clown Fish??? I am crestfallen! 😦
    He was the STAR of the whole show 🙂 (Down Ego! – Bad Monkey!) I am so blessed to have found you two as friends 🙂

    TO ALL my new friends in the US – a safe, Joyous and Loving and Peaceful Thanksgiving to you all! (and NO actually Thanksgiving as a holiday event is strictly US only to the best of my knowledge 🙂 )

    We save the Alligator (That’s spelled c-r-o-c-o-d-i-l-e! actually!) and Apple (spelled m-a-n-g-o) dish for Christmas when it is around 100 degs in the shade and we give thanks and pressies and spend time away from work to be with our families 🙂

    Hope to be ‘back’ soonish! 🙂



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