Freaked Out Friday

Noughts and crosses, ones and zeroes. Binary System – digital! No Middle Ground.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9



A ‘simple’ number line – never ending – infinite in both directions and with no ‘beginning’ but with a mirror image symmetry about the zero point. One Dimensional thoughts

Two Dimensional thinking (Cartesian reference system)





< ———————–  0  ———————– >






Again, infinite but now in two unique ‘opposite’ (Right Angled ‘perspectives’ – mutually exclusive along their axes but with just a Single common point – for reference) directions as well as any possible combination thereof. (Anywhere ‘between’ the two lines can be reached as being a combination of some of one variable (axis) and some related variable (other axis))

Take a look

Take a LONG look

Remind you of ‘anything’??

DO I HAVE TO S P E L L E V E R Y T H I N G O U T F O R Y O U before you can begin to C and thinkforyourselves???

Label the vertical axis Atheists

Label the horizontal axis Believers

Where do they meet?

What is ‘common’ to both?

0! Zero! Nothing! They have nothing ‘in common’ – yet both are very real – both are ‘accurate’.

What is is called when you don’t have a ‘score’ in tennis… when you have zero points in the game…?

It is called …. Love!

LOVE is what you both have in common…

Am i getting through to anyone out there????

Symmetrical about four mirror axes – each infinite line and at 45 degrees in both ways to both ‘dimensions’

Then bring those two dimensions into our 3 dimensional material world…. by introducing a third, right angled to everything, one dimension

Starting to see more of what I UNDERSTAND???

If you can stretch your mind that far – move into four dimensions (Time) and see how love works in MOTION – E-motion… Then get ready to lose your mind and work in the Fifth dimension and we’re ‘half’ way there!

1 2 3 4 FIVE 6 7 8 9 – repeat, recycle, rEVOLve!

Think about it.. with ALL your Heart.


  1. Relativism???

    THAT is what you get i am?

    GO to your Cave, take your lifelong blinkers off and THINK about all you have said..then think of all i have.

    I’ll bring you up some milk and cookies before you go to sleep.

    relativism… kids say the darndest things !


  2. Divergence – from a common origin – (o,o)

    Space time is curved. infinite regression, ultimate expansion.

    Beginning without end?

    What lies beyond our own Universe?

    Growing up my ‘bible’ was an astronomy book.

    I’ve grown WAY past that now, yet read the bible ‘as a child’, while simultaneously having an adult brain.

    There is no contradiction in me.

    I know more of me than anyone else, i see where error truly lies and while succumbing to it from time to time, have Him in me who shows me error when i can catch ‘myself’ and listen without speaking ‘back’.

    That happens more and more lately.

    To me.


  3. yes yes of course, it is always the other guy who has the blinkers and the ego and blah

    “0! Zero! Nothing! They have nothing ‘in common’ – yet both are very real – both are ‘accurate’.”

    relativism, you bet


  4. Who do YOU listen to first?

    Him? what your ego LETS you hear of Him.. or your own tiny little ego biases?

    just because you THINK you hear what He is telling you doesn’t mean you are clearly hearing or understanding what He actually Means…

    How can you ever remove yourself from your thinking and just let Him talk to you directly?

    By reading Scripture?? with whose eyes and understanding do you read?


    KNOW Thine enemy! Both are most assuredly within you.

    Someone show me the scripture ‘cos i KNOW it says this even though i have never (consciously) read it.


  5. J- PLEASE justify your ( false) claim of ‘relativism… where does relativism explain that Atheistic viewpoints and Theistic ones ( mutually exclusive) have a single common origin of Love, Belief, Faith, God!

    SHOW me YOUR ‘evidence’ for such a ludicrous claim… MINUS ego sil’vous plait?


  6. it isn’t really an issue of being blinkered or not blinkered, of course we are, of course we have our blind spots.

    My challenge issue is that your free form everything-is-ok-cept-fer-what-I-think-isnt theology is abiblical in many ways. And your response upon receiving text on the matter is not to listen to it, it is to question it so that you can remain where you are whereever that is. It’s why I didn’t respond to your last e-mail. No point, not listening.

    Love, I just think that this is not good.


  7. again with the ego, perhaps nothing else to say about it.

    you can’t with a straight face seriously say that theists and atheists have God in common.

    the words themselves as you use them are what is ludicrous, or perhaps the words are just out there on some semantic grid having nothing, but something in common.


  8. Ok boys, corners….breath… with the good, out with the bad…..shhhhhh

    Love, you are not God. For you to say such absolutes makes you sound like you are. Yes, our Lord dwells within us once we except Him as our personal Savior, but HE and HE alone is in control of it all. The only way that Christians and Atheists have something in common is that God created us all, in His image, with the heart that none should perish. Those who do not choose Him will perish. If you are going to be a child of God, you need to follow His Word. As a Christ follower, I need to see where my God said certain things in order for me to believe in Him. When you go on these long things it’s confusing…’re talking in forms that are neither familiar or that make sense to me. You mentioned you are not completely familiar with Gods word, yet in order for you to understand where we are coming from, you need to be very familiar with His Word and Him. So can we find some middle ground here and work from there?


  9. Of course we can Debs – but your particular ‘blind spot’ – i think ‘blinkers’ is a better term – something placed over your eyes so as to only let you see a limited view of how things must be – guiding you forwards but causing you to both not become ‘side-tracked’ but also making you ‘single minded’ not looking at ALL of God – just the one tiny bit you think/want/ Him to become.

    I say that not to offend or to make myself God – is that what you ‘fear’ i am doing – can’t you love without fear yet? or is though shalt fear the lord your God all you know how to do?

    DO BOTH LOVE/FEAR do not let one rule the other – please?

    Again i do not wish to mock you or convince you of that which you would not wish to believe within who you are any more than i would want you to force me to do likewise.

    Scripture is perfect – we who read it are NOT!
    even when we fool ourselves we are being ‘fair minded’ or thinking as God wants us to think. – even you and J who read it in the ‘original’ you STILL are human and LESS than perfect – you get only thatpart of God YOU let yourselves… you don’t get ALL He IS! – STILL – might not ever 😦

    I don’t want that! KNOW God Know Thyself, Love thy fellow man as yourself. Understand who is your brother and sister In Spirit.

    i am love
    i am not “LOVE” or Love

    I get the difference… can either of you or J?

    how we are to find the middle ground if you won’t meet me half way i have no idea… i’m reaching out and

    Ok two feet of clay – back Here ======>

    <======= needing to spend some time with you over here because there is no way your egos will let you come see what life is like where i see it ( i AM the middle ground.

    J how can you NOT see/believe that Atheists and Believers HAVE LOVE in common?? that is about the only thing they do have in common other than a human body/mindset as far as everything else goes (apart from their reliance on their own justifications for their repsective ‘non-relative’ belief systems)

    How can you as a Christian believe that they do not have God (who is LOVE amongst everything else He is) at the origin? and that is where they start ‘diverging’?

    i don’t get where you are at times?


  10. I am POSITIVE that feeling is mutual between us.
    so much Negativity

    where is – who is – neutrality? Is God Positive, negative, Neutral – or – everything/nothing?

    yeah – He must only be positive – everything else must be not God – ohh geeee! 😦

    How many different ways/keys/Scripture must God put OUT there for you before you GET IT – in here??

    i HAVE an ego! it makes me commmit eror from time to time.

    ‘i don’t listen – i refuse to listen to you -‘

    give me a break!

    Better yet give me the same credit you give your own massive intelligences/love in your Heart

    one of those was for J and one for Dear Deb… guess which was which?? 😉

    Love to all 🙂


  11. “I say that not to offend or to make myself God – is that what you ‘fear’ i am doing – can’t you love without fear yet? or is though shalt fear the lord your God all you know how to do?”

    See, this is what I mean sweet, I don’t fear anything…God’s word says that His perfect love casts out all fear…I am simply trying to understand. I know that God will take us down whatever road He feels is most productive to make us most useful to Him. So no, I don’t fear what He is doing here.

    “…..even you and J who read it in the ‘original’ you STILL are human and LESS than perfect – you get only thatpart of God YOU let yourselves… you don’t get ALL He IS! – STILL – might not ever”

    Correct, and I have never said otherwise. But your next statement “you don’t get ALL He IS! – STILL – might not ever” implies that you do. While I do believe we both have our understandings of things, I don’t think you completely understand everything about God as well and that is why it is good for us to look at things and reason together.

    “i am love
    i am not “LOVE” or Love”

    Yes I do get this. All who are in Christ are full of Him, and have this love….you are not LOVE (God) I understand that.

    “How can you as a Christian believe that they do not have God (who is LOVE amongst everything else He is) at the origin? and that is where they start ‘diverging’?”

    Again, Love, I will show you in God’s word where the non-believer does not have God. He longs for them true, but until they submit they’re lives to him, there is nothing he can do. They are His creation, and He wants eternity with them, but it is their choice.

    It helps me to break it down this way,, Love you love and I’m off to get some sleep now. I wish you the happiest of days. Cyber hugs!


  12. man-o-man,

    “J how can you NOT see/believe that Atheists and Believers HAVE LOVE in common”

    Aside from, once again, just choosing to totally ignore what I wrote, love for what? It is not a directionless verb, it needs an object.

    “How many different ways/keys/Scripture must God put OUT there for you before you GET IT – in here??”

    This is incredibly illustrative in a very bad way.

    “How can you as a Christian believe that they do not have God (who is LOVE amongst everything else He is) at the origin? and that is where they start ‘diverging’?”

    Love, this makes absolutely no sense at all. What origin? Do you know what scripture says about people who deny God? START diverging? Who starts? Is there ever a time in which we are anything other than sinners? How do you determine this? It seriously is meaningless.

    love, when the angels sing to God in scripture, what do they say?

    “i don’t get where you are at times?”

    I know, Love. That’s why I am fighting.


  13. you are wise in the Word GG i am very glad of that.

    Atheists do not have God in hem – BULL they would not BE alive were it not for God.. THEY don’t see it that way sure… but it don’t change the Fact you and i can see but they turn away from… they and we DIVERGE… is what i am saying – they might ( or might not) share any other thing or belief in common ( although i have said a few things they are alike in at their very ‘core, origin.

    I do NOT know ALL that gid is in any real sense except that i KNOW HE IS ALL – NOTHING is NOT God – NOTHING – even our own ego’s cannot exist without Him at the very core of them) they are thick and full of matter and they dim our ears and eyes to HIM at our CORE but He IS there – THIS I KNOW! AND FULLY BELIEVE!

    the non-believer FOLS himself he has not god and ‘believes’ this because he listens more to his ego than to God… but you know full well Debs – God is in ALL believers whether they profess it or not.

    I do NOT know all of God but MY GOD contains ALL and ALL that is not – your’s doesn’t – is smaller – so who’s view is closer to Gods??? Hmmmm? The Greater or the lesser?

    love you


  14. “I do NOT know all of God but MY GOD contains ALL and ALL that is not – your’s doesn’t – is smaller – so who’s view is closer to Gods??? Hmmmm? The Greater or the lesser?”

    It may indeed be your god that you describe.

    It is not the God of the bible.


  15. And that, my friend, is exactly where YOU are wrong…

    It is not the God YOU SEE in your bible! I see Him EVERYWHERE… everpresent in every word that is uttered within it, in my KJV.
    If you are too blinkered to see why i say what i say and why it IS in accord with God’s holy Word and the Bible then maybe you NEED to remove more blinkers than i do at present?

    I KNOW that God speaks clearly to my non-human ears and awrareness and where i know not i do NOT ‘reject’ but wait for further enlightenment or ask questions to increase my knowlwedge and wisdom while at the same time eliminating those pieces of ego that appear most obviously to my self – the bits that go deeper will be done later – in His time, never mine and CERTAILNY not in yours (for me – mine for you).

    I have wisdom – i put it out for all to see that it may help them overcome their own ego prejudices as i understand to do (thanks Be to the One Most High)

    I should probably take a leaf out of J’s book (thats God’s Son not god’s son J) and cast not ye pearls before swine.

    Whole lot of rending going on!.

    Am sure you can look THAT scrip up J? – for yourself? That’s one part i know quite well and can and do quote to anyone/everyone.
    you should see how that raises up their ego’s! 🙂

    Loving, but not quite what most ‘humans’ want or get. 🙂


  16. Enter the guy who counts himself amongst the atheists. 😀

    LWBUT said:

    0! Zero! Nothing! They have nothing ‘in common’ – yet both are very real – both are ‘accurate’.

    What is is called when you don’t have a ’score’ in tennis… when you have zero points in the game…?

    It is called …. Love!

    LOVE is what you both have in common…

    Wow!!! Sometimes the poetry & beauty in your observations really blows me away.

    Cartesian grid + tennis = relativism

    Why is it some theists always scream relativism whenever somebody tries to argue that there may be a kernel of truth in these two approaches?

    Why must everything be so black and white?

    Jason you a poo-poo’ing relativism for another ism…ABSOLUTISM!!!

    Absolutism is boring as hell!

    Absolute zero in temperature…sucks…no molecular motion…boring BORING BORING!

    Absolute space and time? Einstein said it doesn’t exist.

    Absolute perfection? What’s the point?

    Perfect symmetry? There’d be no universe!

    To further carry the Cartesian analogy forward (apologies to you LWBUT): if the “Y” axis represents perfect atheism(reason), and the “X” axis is perfect theism(faith), then each of these two lines can only be represented by exactly one equation AND intersect at the origin (LOVE, this is a beautiful analogy!). Those equations would be Y=0 and X=0. The perfect atheist would have no faith, hence X=0, and the perfect theist would have no reason, hence Y=0. These are the theoretical ABSOLUTES, but they don’t really exist in nature. No person can be one of these two options, because people aren’t absolute or perfect.

    Each person has a unique line equation that must pass through the origin (LOVE) in order to function in society. So what defines a persons line is their ratio of atheism to theism! Hence: the slope! Slope=reason/faith.

    A ABS(slope) = 1 is a line 45 degrees from either absolute. (ABS = absolute value, I don’t know how to work negative slope into this analogy 😉 )

    A ABS(slope) 1 makes you atheistic.

    The smaller the slope the closer to theism!

    My slope would render my line more than 45 degrees of the X-axis, closer to atheism and reason, while Gods Gal and Jason’s line would naturally be far less off the X-axis closer to theism and faith.

    Neither are absolute faith or reason, because absolutes don’t exist in nature.

    (But what about lines with a y-intercept not equal to zero i.e. not passing through the origin (love)? 😉 Perhaps non-loving theistic or atheistic people? )

    So if God is Perfect through the ability to transcend the universe. God would be perfectly reasonable AND perfectly faithful. Perfection in BOTH dimensions. Yes? He is then in fact the origin (love) and both perfect lines (FAITH & REASON)! God is LOVE! The Truth is Love.

    And we, while incapable of being either absolute if we possess that origin (love) on our respective lines, it then doesn’t matter where the rest of our line lies!

    FABULOUS analogy!

    No absolutes but absolute GOD (LOVE)!

    There is ONE truth and that TRUTH is God is LOVE!

    I GET IT NOW!!!!



  17. “Jason you a poo-poo’ing relativism for another ism…ABSOLUTISM!!! Absolutism is boring as hell!”

    Robert, I know that it ususally the Christians who get accused of hypocrisy, but with some regularity you go on and on about what is wrong with this or that.

    If absolutism is boring then you put me to sleep.


  18. “may be a kernel of truth in these two approaches?”

    wait a minute…I’m getting dizzy…what is the modifier of the predicate…what is that t-word…


  19. Jason

    <cite)If absolutism is boring then you put me to sleep.

    Wow you really are a typical Calvinist elitist aren’t you!

    If only I could be as smart and interesting as you and your general the CHRISTIAN way is the only way diatribes…

    I do believe there is such a thing as truth.

    Do I believe I possess or completely understand that truth? No. I’m not that arrogant. I’ll leave such alleged certainties to arrogant people like you!

    I do believe in the truth of love as well as the love of truth!

    After I posted my response to what I think is a wonderful analogy that LWBUT had made, I re-read some of your responses. I now feel, to be brutally honest, I have little use for what YOU think! If I had it to do again I would have completely ignored you!



  20. Starting with name calling, very good…

    I’m happy that you believe that there is truth but that would get filed under faith. “Completely understand”…hmmm…think we are only talking about one thing here..another well placed attempt to change the subject…

    I’m being ignored, truthfully, at least from one perspective.


  21. Starting with name calling, very good…

    You started it with your elitist tone pal!

    I’m happy that you believe that there is truth but that would get filed under faith

    If you actually read what I said I do NOT rely completely on reason alone because I am human and thusly imperfect.




  22. Robert,

    I cannot say it any clearer than this… My Mind once believed you to be a jerk when it felt you were insulting me…

    My mind in ego can be remarkably STUPID at times and not see the wood for mty many beams…

    But Robert? ( FINE name that 😉 ) I LOVE YOU, MAN!

    You saw and said what you understand from my pencil sketch and rough words Just so Beautifully and with crystal clear vision ( of course it may ust be my ego talking again 😉 )

    It may be a sin to some… But I am PROUD of you Sir may i say that i did not ‘agree’ with everything… your wisdom pointed out the correct possibility of ‘lines’ (thought/belief) NOT passing thrrough the Origin which is something i was not looking at or had in mind when i constructed my 2D thought diagram… Hmmmm Thank you for opeining up a new ‘line’ of thought for me. Oh BTW – was it you i mentioned Michio Kaku to? The author who opened my ‘matrix’ as it were on hyperspace and multi-dimensional thinking/science?

    I have a copy of his latest book ‘Parallel Universes’ – It holds some amazing promise for the advancement at the very cutting edge of Astrophysics.cosmology and he makes it so simple and easy ( for many) to read… More as i ‘delve’.

    My Thanks and gratitude you SAW what i truly meant Sir! 🙂


  23. “Noughts and crosses, ones and zeroes. Binary System – digital! No Middle Ground.”

    In the binary system you illustrate what I see is that when I add a positive number to its corresponding negative number I get 0. Zero “is” the middle ground. Zero may be the most essential number. Everything starts from 0.

    I could see where a theist would say God was 0, everything follows from him. An atheist would say 0 applies to God is he doesn’t exist and represents nothing. Thus God becomes the starting point in any discussion between a person who believes in God and one who doesn’t. This gives a great deal of significants and thus power to 0 as all discussion start from this point. God “becomes” the middle ground.

    If I am going to have a meaningful discussion with a theist I must start from 0. If I am going to exchange viewpoints I must acknowledge the concept of 0. The 0 gives us a middle ground on which to start our dialogue. I can choose not to have a discussion but a debate. I’ll insist that -10 is the starting point. The theist insist we start at +10. We have no middle ground. The debate becomes meaningless.

    I can discuss religion with Gods Gal because I acknowledge the concept of 0. I don’t have to believe in it but if I am going to have a meaningful discussion with her we need to start at 0. God may exist. He may some day speak directly to me. Then I will become a +10 and have to search for a -10 to discuss religion with.


  24. Ed! You Spoke ( here ) at last! 🙂

    You are most welcome and received my words in this post so kindly while retaining your own Wisdom – seldom have i felt as ‘valuable’ a contributor to human knowledge and understanding as i have today, as shown by your and Robert’s kindnesses and willingness to ‘look beyond’ the ‘norm’.

    Is a pity not all are so kind here – “but by their fruits shall you know them” Matt 7:16

    I followed exerything you said so wisely with blissful understanding – I lOVE you to, Ed! 😉

    In a Manly way of course… or is that Godly?? not sure anymore about that 😉

    Now that you see just one way (probably more knowing how wise you are…) that Atheism and Belief can have a common ‘origin/starting point’ for futher ‘discussion/divergence/convergence’ perhaps you would do me the honour of thinking where the two ‘lines’ go to ultimately? and is there any way ‘+infinite’ and ‘-infinite’ might be one and the same thing?

    Is there a difference between plus infinite and minus infinite (only the END Points) in anything at all? If infinite is everything can it only be positive? Can it only be negative and if it starts from ‘nothing/0’ can it ever return there in some ‘cyclical’ fashion?

    If Nothing and everything are the same ‘starting point’….????

    To quote Life of Brian… “What have you lost…? ( oh — Nothing! )” 😉


  25. 11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

    Read the context of the text Debs but it is not ‘speaking’ to me the way it seems to you – time heals all though 🙂

    I will give it time!

    G – put me on the spot??? Fave verses???

    I love a good mystery and the bible shows me millions of them, from the stories in Genesis, to the prophecies in Revelation… i hardly know where to start.. but of the bits i have read of my KJV my favourite verses so far are in the NT mostly, and mostly commonly in Matt… How can you go past His words?

    But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; (Matt: 5 44)

    No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and LOVE the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Matt 6: 24

    but best of ALL of course…

    “35 Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying,
    36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
    37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
    38 This is the first and great commandment.
    39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
    40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. ”
    Matt 22, Mark 12 and Luke 10

    Deb… asking me for my favourite verse is like asking me for my favourite Song?

    Of all the many many that bring such varying emotions and feelings… how can you ever pick just one?

    🙂 love.


  26. I like the word infinite when describing all the possible end points of anything. I like to think anything is possible.

    I think we need to start at the middle, 0, then as we live, and hopefully learn, we move to plus or minus in whatever we come to believe in.

    Infinite to me means no end point. There is no limit to describe how much we love or hate we have for the concept of God.

    A theist may have an all consuming love of God. God is in their every thought and action. A deist may acknowledge that God did create the world but than had no further interest in it.


  27. Oh Jayyyyy-sooonnnnn! 🙂

    Smiling sweetly – never trust a smiling cat – (Garfield!)

    VERY interesting post over on Robert’s blog… TRULY ‘priceless’! heheheheheheheh


    You have made me the HAPPIEST most JOY-filled man on this planet today! 😉

    With a little help from my friends!

    Thanks all – you know who you are! 🙂

    And so do I now! 🙂 Intramural… where’s my Funk and Wagnalls???… 🙂


  28. Ed – don’t stop with your wisdom , man – learning is a two way street! 🙂

    O is a fine starting point for anything and everything.

    Loving Astonomy from a very tender young age (pre-ten) i find my mind is able to get a somehwat ‘expanded scope’ of the concept of Infinity and Einstein (who has since been thought to be wrong on this) believed that space-time (4D)was curvi-linear so the fantasy of an infinite perspective – a la 2001 the Space ‘Oddessy’ entertains my thought a little. 🙂


  29. Is the universe finite? Is there sufficient credible evidence to give a high degree of confidence to this idea.

    My perception is that we have very little evidence at this point to be able to say with any confidence that we know the answer.

    Do you think “string theory” could be correct? Could there be alternate universes? Could one of the these universes be Heaven? Could the answer be 42?

    My perception is that at this point we are basically clue less. There is an endless sea of possibilities.


  30. Robert – The cartesian system above is GREATLY simplified and ‘stylised’ for ease of understanding a ‘new’ (to me at any rate) concept – and so as everyone else (or as many as i thought ‘possible’)might get the overall ‘idea’.

    Your point about the ‘lines’ stretching to infinite that do NOT pass through ‘the’ ‘origin’ as shown is recognised and understood and this is of course where dear old Uncle grumpy comes in with his Huff – Relativism! comment and closes his mind down without providing much ‘helpful’ as opposed to ‘critical’ thought, but to each their preferred ‘own’, of course!

    The point i was hoping some might see and you sure did – so did Ed – which makes sense cos’ this was ‘left brain’ stuff i was ‘in’ at the ‘time’ (well, more from the left of ‘centre’ anyway) was that there are an INFINITE number of such lines passing through the centre origin of this particular ‘graph’ (or set of axes, so as to allow for ‘plotting’ lines) which i was using as MY ‘general’ reference frame that everyone was able to see from THEIR OWN (‘relative’- meaning RELATED to ‘all’) prespectives.

    While there are an infinite set of lines that dont (many such infinite sets in fact) pass through 0,0 – Love – it is enough that you recognised that theere is at least one set of infinite lines for you on your reference sytem that was the IMPORTANT bit i wanted you all to see!

    Let Him who has Eyes See! – Through You.

    And so bring us ALL together on ONE ‘plane’. (An infinte one way above where we usually ‘reside’).



  31. Ed,

    “Anything is ‘possible’ – in this the best of all possible worlds” as good old Aldous used to write.

    Latest thinking is tending towards string theory perhaps having a more preferred one above it and it may forver remain ‘just a theory as we currently cannot see ‘down’ or small enough to see a ‘string’ – still the math is pretty ‘convincing’ – if anyone can actually understand it 🙂

    I think it is quite a Good Idea though for each of us individually to ‘start at the beginning’ and work from there – as it now seems like we MAY just be able to agree on a ‘common’ (albeit ‘uncommon’) starting point!

    Any Advance on ‘LOVE’, as a preferred ‘universal’ origin of ALL that IS????

    For a ‘discussion’ at least… for now? 😉



  32. Hi Love, no I’m not putting you on the spot…it’s just what I choose to keep my focus on. I have to admit alot of what you talk about makes little sense to me. I like to stay centered on Christ and His WOrd, and think it’s very important to be there. I’m not putting Him in a box, I just don’t want to be distracted with other things that I can’t comprehend. I know it’s hard to choose one scripture, and you’re right the greatest of these is Love….that is where I want my focus to remain….smiles!


  33. Morning Dear One,

    I follow you perfectly there Deb – or as perfectly as understanding on a machine and in my head will allow.

    If you don’t keep a Firm ‘connection’ to your ‘centrepoint’ (point of origin) you can wander about all over the place without ever having a real true sense of ‘purpose’. You may consider that you do not ‘know some of the stuff i write or possibly even ‘want’ to know it but i can assure you – the idea for my 2D cross with love at its centre was inspired by your comment regarding looking back and looking forward from Christ (that was you was it not Hun? – it felt like you as i was thinking the idea up originally!?)

    Our ‘Time Line has Christ at it’s centre and we are now intothe third millenium following Him and we look back to the ‘origin, Atheists and Believers ‘Alike’,

    We truly do have many more things (points of origin for various aspects of our multi-dimensinal ‘selves’) IN COMMON than it feels like some times!

    Even the English language we all use is ‘God Based’ (‘Base’d IN God) and some of you can now see yet another way that THAT is True – huh? 😉

    There are Many ‘brightshinythings’ out there Deb and if we follow them and not our own way ( His Way) then we can truly become ‘lost’.

    Stick to the path you have chosen and i will do likewise and i am sure we will meet and see each other in places and end up at the right place at the right time..

    Right is thataway ===========>
    ( Positive direction on my graphs! 😉 )


  34. GG, this makes little sense to you? I’m impressed. It makes non sense to mon. Love resides on another astral plane. Not a higher one, just another one. I think he might be a Thetan.


  35. Err Guys ( and Gals 🙂 )

    Have you noticed the BIG picture here??

    The ‘a-theists’ are in complete agreement with me (or at least can see the Truth it contains, while being able to add their own to it) and the Believers just seem incapable of following what i am TRYING to let ‘all’ (but admittedly more the non-believers (not that such actually exist but it is a ‘useful’ or well-used term.) SEE

    And that single thing is – LOVE

    Thetan?? please explain? 🙂


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