Music! Maestro?

OK, Brightshinyobject appears to have become distracted by something bright…

But while visiting his blog i happened upon a good post and it distracted me with something bright of my own.

So while bso (not to be confused with BTO who ROCK! ( well rocked – past tense)) is probably off this hallowe’en scaring all the little and no-so-little children as he mows his lawn or paints one side of his house or whatever…

 I would like to suggest you do yourselves a BIG favour and buy (or borrow  from a friend – not a good friend because if you borrow this you most likely won’t want to ever give it back and may thus ruin a good friendship and we all know how hard it is to find or replace good friends unless you actually know where to look for them!) a copy of Mike and The Mechanics Album, Word of Mouth!.

 Word of Mouth   It features the vocals of Paul Carrick (along with others like Mike Rutherford) who is quite simply brilliant. It also features a song called A Time and Place – and if you have ever loved and lost then you WILL NOT, I assure you, be able to listen to this song and read the words from the jacket cover without your eyes filling with tears while your heart is lifted UP!

For those who have not heard this song before (was released in 1991) I supply you with the words but by no means the FEELING of this beautiful piece of music.

There’s a time and a place
For you to make your mark and show your face
There’s a place in time
When you must step outside the line

So understand what I mean
There is a time and place for you to have your dream
But here and now may not be
The time and place for you and me
You and me

It’s the finest line
A missed opportunity or the perfect time
You must not despair
You’ll recognise it when you’re there

So understand what I mean
There is a time and place for you to have your dream
But here and now may not be
The time and place for you and me

The time and place for you and me
There’s a time and there’s a moment you will see
Don’t lower your expectations
There are NO limitations
There’s a time and place for you and me

So understand hard as it seems
There is a time and place for you to have your dreams
Though here and now may not be
The time and place for you and me
You and me …….

Mike Rutherford 1990

 The album at first glance is about Love – then it just keeps getting deeper… and deeper… and deeper…


  1. “Roll on down the highway”


    as a bad little boy driving as fast as I could down an incredibly flat, straight stretch of Interstate 90 between Lewiston, MN (childhood home) and Austin, MN (home of SPAM)…that song made me do it.


  2. I agree about Carrack. I think he is one of the best vocalists in all of music. His feel for phrasing and a sense of impact and implied crescendo, he really is amazing.


  3. You guys….I just hit a black cat with my car driving home from the Harvest Festival. It’s dead. In front of my house. Black cat. All gone. On Halloween. Oh crap!

    So how are all of you?


  4. The World is bright and beautiful again way over here in November!

    Have you made the appt. with your ‘chest’ specialist yet, Tam? 😉 Take care now!

    Another one ‘bites’ the dust!

    Did i mention i like Queen songs? Even with that so sinful Freddie Mercury up front?

    ‘Who wants to live forever’ (on Earth?) 🙂


  5. “Have you made the appt. with your ‘chest’ specialist yet, Tam?”

    Dang, you make it look like I’m getting enhancements! No, I tried to get an appt. today with a Dr. I really like – but she moved away. So I’m gonna try again tomorrow…

    I’m FINE GG!!!

    Love, GG is gonna kill me!

    Another One Bites The Dust was their best song!!!


  6. BTO and Bryan Ferry?

    I am amusing myself by thinking through Ferrry singing “roll on don the highway”

    Freddie Mercury Rocks and the whole thing makes me sad.


  7. So sad for you and the cat, Tam. Do you know who’s it is?

    OK, here we go:

    The Mechanics > Rutherford > Genesis > Collins > Brand X > Morris Pert > Roxy Music

    another one is:

    The Mechanics > Rutherford > Genesis > Collins > Brand X > Morris Pert > Roxy Music > Brian Eno > David Bowie > Brian Eno > King Crimson > John Wetton > Peter Gabriel > Genesis > Bill Bruford > Yes…..


  8. Ok, I just read through ALL the comments from last night and uh TAM!!!! No Love, I won’t kill her, seriously hurt may be an option, but no killing….it’s illegal. Tam, expect a phone call….You didn’t want anyone knowing about the enhancements? Sorry….


  9. Uh, ya I see that now……uh….geez…good thing he’s sleeping.

    We were having a little adventure while you were out cat hunting… chasing really…I laid down on the couch which is half a world apart from my beloved Love, and fell asleep…whew…

    So, and CATastrophes today????? 😮


  10. excuse the crudeness, but, does anyone else have a Cat who loves you so much that it all the time exposes itself to you.

    My wife and I call that the



  11. Have I told you lately that I Love you?

    (Van Morrison version – does he ‘fit’ in with Genesis anywhere you can think of Big C? 🙂 )

    ALL of you crazy people out there in blogland? With Special Mentions to Tam, Debs (ladies first y’know?), One D – I don’t know her all that well, but she does appear to be an Angel on Earth to me,
    Brent, Chris, Jason and anyone i have accidentally missed who make me LAUGH the loudest each morning 🙂
    Ok – to the serious stuff..

    Debs? I am assuming with my ‘one-eye’ (blue – not brown!) you to be a cat lover and hence the potential life threatening Tam was so ‘worried’ about previously?

    J – Ferry ‘Taking Care of Business??? Hmmmm – Roll on Don! Or would he take a jet airliner do you think? (other fave’s include Eagles and America and i almost forgot how much i liked Dave and Dave’s 1986 album – Loved Ricki Lee Jones too and Suzanne Vega and a whole other great bunch of stuff like dat. Aus, UK and US mainly – Oh! and Andreas Bocelli is supreme)

    Tam – hope you’re feeling a bit better ‘today’? For your information i did not BORE GG – I wore her OUT! 😉 (I also kept her waiting a tad which is quite frankly – UNforgiveable of me – Sorry Debs! Love to you the other ‘half’ and Mr Winky and all 🙂 )

    J – crudeness excused – just this once 😉 What was that again…WOW! I really pulled my head OUT today??? LMBFHO (Laughing my big fat head off) 😀


  12. Oh no Mr. Love dear, I mean little furball are fine, but Miss Tam has a bad habit of suffering in silence so to speak and not letting people KNOW that she may need some help or prayer. Also, there’s a LITTLE procrastination in the getting to the doctor when neccesary department..


  13. Ahhh I get you now – not the full ‘martyr’ complex thing just – i so don’t want you to worry about lil ol me?? huh?

    You and me need to sneak up on that particular little ‘i’m not really worth the trouble’ ego of hers and chop it’s foolish head OFF – whaddya say – are ya with me?? 😉

    Mebbe THAT’ll teach her procrastinatin little A##?


    Tam – you be a GOOD girl now – we ain’t taking NO ‘excuses’ Y’Hear?



  14. No, no and NO! I promise…NO – laugh with me, talk with me, argue with me, but please don’t pity me – ick!!!

    Not a martyr, not me. I have my reasons and they are legit! Mostly… 😛

    “little A##?”

    Thanks Love! :surprise:


  15. Yes, Pity! I thought that’s what you were talking about so I thought I’d set yous straight Mister!

    I have family members back home that feed off of pity and guilt trips and it’s just nauseating…not my style sweetness 8)


  16. Tam – as your true friend i can tell you this straight – your Pity Radar has become BADLY ‘out of whack’.

    I pity you for it.

    JUST KIDDING – I’M KIDDING on that last line! 😉

    Guilt trips? don’t go turning all Jewish on me now Missy! 🙂

    Do the RIGHT thing and take good CARE of yourself – that means go to the Dr whenever Brent or I or GG or those who love you TELL you to ok?

    Or better yet – do it whenever you SHOULD and save us all the worry – have pity on us – Oh i JUST can’t help myself ! Can I?? lol 🙂

    Face the fear – tell it to take a running jump – and see a Dr whenever something ain’t quite right – to be Safe(-ish)

    Love You! (not pity – never!)


  17. Great! I know something you don’t for a change. He played percussion of some of Roxy’s albums and also plays with Phil Collins and some studio guys on Brand X, an alternative fusion band from the 80’s. Worth checking out.


  18. Oh, that’s cool, I really like that sort of info, the kind that will keep me broke.

    The guy that Roxy Music had drumming for them when I saw them in concert was the guy from…Big Star!…cue the That 70’s Show theme!

    Hangin out…dundundundundundun…
    down the street…..dundundundundundun…..


  19. Jody Stephens? I Googled him but can’t say I know him. I’m sure he was good.

    Little trivia – Bryan Ferry interviewed for the role of lead singer with King Crimson. He didn’t get it (went to Greg Lake) but Bruford and Fripp liked him so much they helped Roxy Music get on their feet. Of course later both those guys worked with Brian Eno and Phil Manzanera (who also played with Phil Collins)

    I love this stuff.


  20. OK – Who mentioned Jody Stephens firat – and where? Are we cross posting without keeping a sleeping Blog-owner fully informed? For Shame – ‘sheesh’! 🙂

    Emoticons – neocons – pro’s and con’s – All of em 😉

    I love this stuff to Big C it’s so nice and ‘new’ and shiny and fun and interesooooooo…..


  21. We didn’t link Queen To Roxy Music – Did we?

    I just linked Queen to The Cross via Roger Taylor – Queen Drummer. This was due to the song “Stand Up For Love” which appeals to me for some strange reason.

    I may post the lyrics for your consideration – or include the song in our Musical. 🙂


  22. Nice job with Roger Taylor. He’s such a nice talented man, just sitting back there doing his talented genteel.

    Did you see that Brian May finally finished his doctorate which he was in the middle of when Queen blew up?

    And Brian May did some thing with Eddie Van Halen and a couple other big shots in the early-mid 80s, I can’t remember the name of it but it had some Japanese small model destruction scene on it like big robots fighting or something.

    A clear line between Bill Bruford and Valerie Bertinelli!


  23. I saw Brian at his award ceremony (honours in Astrophysics!) on TV resplendent in cape and mortar (was that a mullet he was also wearing at the time?? 🙂

    OK – There’s my Mike and the Mechanics link – Brian May Band – Jaimie Moses (guitar) – Mike and the Mechanics. – Nice!

    Queen and Paul Rodgers – Bad Company!

    The Beat Goes On


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