Let’s All Have Some Fun!

Tommy Cooper


RIGHT! Things became quite serious, studious and ‘Deep’ in parts back there ( not to all of you, sure 🙂 )  and before i scare people away i want to restore a modicum of BALANCE. We all need this in our lives – me none the least of all. So, This post is about FUN!

I hope people recognise that even if i can argue the hooves off a goat i can and do retain my sense of humour ( mostly!) 😉

 I love to laugh. Here are a few of the things that make me do it and some of the influences of my ‘style’ in writing/thinking.

Favourite Book series (in Humour) – The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by the now sadly lamented Douglas Adams – died way too young ( 52). He was an educated Atheist with whom i would have so loved to argue into becoming a believer like myself – i think we could have had some truly amazing conversations had i ever been able to chat with him or know him before his untimely  end. It is just possible he may have converted me but i don’t think so! – Now i won’t get the chance to find out.

Hitch-Hiker’s is not for everyone, I found it utterly hilarious and it had so many underlying themes through it it was a true work of Genius – but many don’t get it like i did. Hepls if you understand atheism from a ‘been-there’ perspective, i believe.

Favourite TV shows: The Simpsons! Although many can be put off at first viewing by the stupid arrogance of Homer with his countless faults as a human being, or the childish rebellion of Bart. The more you watch this show the better it gets. The countless references to other types of culture and media, the spot on charicatures of our human psyche and the constant struggles the players have to endure to get by as a family are just simply brilliant in my opinion. Please don’t be too judgemental if your’s differs to mine. I see much there that is there. Like the Bible can – it speaks to many on many levels and in many ways. My favourite ‘escapism’ for half an hour or so. Even the many many repeats can sometimes show me something i had not seen before.

Favourite comic strips: Crock, Wizard of Id, Garfield – the very first series were the best he’s way to ‘commercialy cute’ these days. Back then he had a sour mean streak a mile wide.  Asterix for the word puns in the various names. An english one called The Perishers and Calvin and Hobbes.

Favourite comedian – Hmmm tricky, just picking one. I like and laugh out loud at the Scot Billy Connolly (being British originally myself), Dave Allen, Spike Milligan, Ronnie Barker, Tommy Cooper and Charlie Drake – all British, mostly from childhood. Victor Borge and Bill Cosby (pre-Cosby show). Lately David Walliams and Matt Lucas (Little Britain) have cracked me up, John Clarke and Brian Dawe – Aussie’s/New Zealander with some truly wicked political satire over here, and i laugh at many things but those first mentioned can make me smile or laugh just by thinking of them – not their work. Not many of today’s comedians can make me do that, sad to say.

How could i have forgot to mention The Monty Python Crew? Or the forerunner to that show – the Goon Show?

One favourite??? – Would probably depend upon my mood – today I am going to say Tommy Cooper. You may never have heard of him. A giant of a man physically, his ‘schtick’ was a lousy magician act interspersed with anecdotes and bad jokes, all done while wearing a red Fez ( look it up if unsure, under ‘hat’).  He aimed to come across as pathetic so as to bring out a greater contrast between his less than funny jokes and ‘amazing’ magic (amazingly bad) and the truly wonderful humour that he perfected over many years in the theater. You could feel sorry for him and be laughing your head off at the same time – that was talent. Another in a long, long line of ‘funny’ people who died way before they should have.

Serious stuff that humour. 🙂

RIP Tom.


  1. You’re a Fan too??

    That just moved you up in my estimations, I’m sure you’ll be rapturous to hear 😉

    I have the Disney DVD, the LP records, the five books of the trilogy (though some lousy ‘friends’ have borowed some and never returned them). Have heard the Radio series twice and seen the BBC TV series Twice. Not sure i totally agree with you about the Disney thing though?

    Nahhhh – you’re right – they didn’t make it Bad – as such! 🙂


  2. I recently read The Salmon of Doubt – an anthology of his works including an unfinished Dirk Gently Novel.

    Gave me new insights to the man who i respect greatly, but like i said, would have loved discussions with him on his lack of belief.
    Maybe ‘next time’ 😉


  3. I’m missing the radio series, but have the BBC TV series on VHS. I think my wife and I both brought copies of all the books into our marriage. 🙂

    Dawkins’ website lists him as his first ‘deconvert’ in the convert’s corner section.


  4. Sorry Tam,

    You are on my INSPIRATIONS list at Number 2! 🙂

    Don’t let that bad ol’ ego of yours go making you cry now – i once absolutely could not BEAR seeing beautiful women cry – now i allow them the right to do as they feel – mostly 😉 lol.

    Ben – just thought you should know – in case my words here and elsewhere get ‘lost’ in translation….

    I have NOTHING against you as a human being – nothing at all. I can even appreciate much of what you do say, truly, but i can also look ‘beyond’ where it comes from, and where it takes you.

    Consider the Circle… it has no beginning, no end, and yet is so ‘true’, so Real, solid and yet ‘flexible’. Look too closely at one point or small section and it can seem like a line heading off in two completely opposite directions, but pull back and out far enough and you can see that the directions eventually after a long long time lead back to each other and form a ‘hole’. 😉 ( no typo )


  5. Hmmmmm…Monty Python. Definitely a big fan here! Love their work.

    And, I loved the movie “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. I loved the humor, I loved the idea and I really enjoyed the characters. I know it was based more on a reality of Douglas Adams beliefs, but that’s ok. Not something I believe or agree with, but it was a VERY entertaining movie


  6. In 1990 my then girlfriend bought me the pre-Simpsons Groening book, “Love is Hell”. I actually pissed myself I laughed so hard.

    “The Lost Continent” by Bill Bryson. If anyone has taken family vacations in a hot car, this is the book for you.

    “True Stories” that David Byrne/Talking Heads thing back in ’85. Dirt dry humor, and gets much funnier every time I pull it out and watch it. Great Cast.

    My name’s Jason and I love Beavis and Butthead (hi, jason….)


  7. Tam? – to get the #1 spot is simple – you just gotta beat God to it! 😉

    IW Am sure you got the humour in Life of Brian – but aren’t you going to hell for that?? 😉 Glad you got DA’s humour and not his conversion lol 🙂 If you got a laugh or six out of HH then it was a work well done. (Ask Ben for a copy of the british video tv series – i think it was better than the Hollywood version – but i might be biased).

    Jason – Beavis and Butthead? Dude! I know of a good 12 step program should you ever need one ( as if – lol) 🙂 Next you’ll be telling me you watch Ren and steeeeempeee?


  8. lwbut – I remember watching “The Life Of Brian”. I thought for sure I would go to hell, immediately for watching it(I was in high school and grew up a Baptist, so I had a lot of guilt issues). After watching it, I knew I didn’t agree with it, and realized very quickly that it was also…just a movie 🙂


  9. I have NOTHING against you as a human being – nothing at all.

    Similarly, if I had something against you as a person (I don’t) I would probably stop talking to you. Who needs the grief ? Vehement disagreement is not the same thing as personal dislike.


  10. Any and all Python is funny and don’t forget Fawlty Towers. On this side of the pond early Mel Brooks is a gas for me – The Producers, Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein but then Brooks starts ruining his own films with too much of on screen time.

    And early Woody Allen – Sleeper, Bananas, Love and Death and EYWTNASBWATA.

    Did you ever see “Start the Revolution without Me” or more recently “Rat Race”?


  11. Sure! they’re just movies – but don’t let that fool you! 😉

    John Cleese’s Basil is one of my all time favourites – even though i cringe sometimes watching him as he begins to crack up and starts bawling like a baby. Or when his warped brain comes up with a truly ‘mad’ escape plan.

    Blazing Sadles I thought at the time (i was around 13 when my parents took me) was the funniest movie i had ever seen. I’m sure IW would have loved the ‘bean scene’ as much as I did and “Don’t anyone move or I’ll shoot da Ni__er!” was just too much.

    Something about Woody didn’t gel with me, maybe i was too young to get it when i saw the stuff?

    Don’t recall Rat Race? and STRWM only very vagely, maybe i should get dvd’s?

    Here’s a topical one that was brilliantly clever and just quirky enough for me….

    The God’s Must Be Crazy!

    Did that make it to America at all? 🙂


  12. Blazing Saddles is a classic! And I loved Young Frankenstein.

    Mel Brooks is extremely entertaining, “Long Live the Schwartz!”

    The God’s Must Be Crazy! Was awesome. I forgot about that movie. Besides i am a huge coca cola fan…even though I don’t drink it 😉


  13. Oh wow! What’s Up Tiger Lilly was a riot! Woody was anticipating Mystery Science Theater by a couple of decades. Which was pretty funny too. Thanks, Jason for reminding me of that movie. It’s been a long, long time.

    I never saw TGMBC although I heard of it. It was really funny huh?

    I know it’s sophomoric but “Airplane” had me on the floor when I first saw it.


  14. I agree, although it has been a long time since I have seen Tiger Lily. It’s on my Netflix list, and I have been talking it up for so long to my wife, I am concerned that I have presented it as The Funniest Joke in the world (Python, using it to kill the Germans by laughing to death, bwwhhahahaha).

    I haven’t seen TGMBC since about 1986. Can’t really remember it.

    hew I stand da goddess of desiew, set men on fiewew, I have dis powewew.


  15. Not sure if i can forgive Woody enough to find him funny (preconceptions and all that)- i should probably try though? Don’t watch all that many movies lately.

    TGMBC i thought was a riot – some great slapstic moments in it about jeeps with no brakes. And the hero’s attempts to make the beautiful blonde like him – priceless! And the ‘cargo cult’ of the coke bottle from Heaven. The eternal battle between good and evil and the long trek to give back to God what is his…

    Just a good, fun, wholesome movie – of course you can get out of it what you wish to. 🙂

    Airplane! Leslie Neilsen and Lloyd Bridges and the rest! i cried for breath over some of those way too peurile and bad old jokes – Thanks Big C!

    You can’t be serious surely?

    I am! and stop calling me Shirley!

    If yew have da powew den wewease wodewick! 🙂


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