Top Ten Top Dogs….

I so badly need to let myself calm down and free my poor brain from this deep stuff for a sec or three… so…

 Top Ten Favourite Breed of Dog!



1. Old English Sheep Dog! There is just something about these guys when they are cleaned up and in ‘show’ condition. Is it that they look like they can’t see where they are going? Those big floppy ears? All that hair, or those massive floppy feet? Or just the way their tips of their tongues poke out at you with a kind of goofy smile on their almost hidden faces?? I Don’t really know – But i Love it all ( of course i have never had to preen one constantly so…)

 2. German Shepherds. Only Dog i have ever ‘owned’/shared life with for any length of time. Loyal, Faithful, Intelligent, Brave (when they are not jumping from their own shadow in surprise or away from small, cute, furry, sharp-clawed kittens), Protective of their family, Fun-Loving, Always willing to share your food (not so good at sharing theirs however! 😉  ) and so good looking – Really What’s not to love? (Miss you Tzar!, Jagger).

3. Husky/Akira/Malamute type dogs – so proud looking and able to defend themselves and anyone else when called upon. Love the deep fur and also the blue eyes of the Huskies.

 4. Samoyed/Keeshond Look-alikes. Again – with the fur – just looks so cute to me I wanna cuddle them all 🙂

5. Border Collie – super intelligent, fun loving little guys! (and gals as well of course 😉 )

6. Golden Retrievers. Again Intelligent animal and has a great smile as well! If you don’t mind the tongue action 😉

7. St Bernard/Newfoundland. What a massive creature! Not sure i could stand to live with all that slobber but they look so darned ‘at ease’ with life, very little ever seems to ‘get’ to them. Able to be used as a horse in emergencies! 🙂 Food bill??  Ok – next! 😉

8. Red Setter – What can i say? I LOVE long hair and redheads are always kind of cute. If these dogs had a brain they’d be dangerous, fortunately they are just erratic and uncontrolable in open spaces without a lead (and even then you have problems). Should never be restrained or enclosed – these animals were just born to RUN WILD!!!

 9. Staffordshire bull terrier ( NOT to be in any way confused with bull terrier or pit bulls) These small dogs, designed initially to shepherd Bulls! are not completely my ‘cup of tea’ but they get placed at number 9 on my top ten list because they come from my ‘home’ – I was born in Staffordshire, UK. Also because they are tough little tanks of a dog, solid muscle and bone, sadly this includes their head! Never going to win ‘Brain of the year’ in a dog show. About as good a babysitter as you will find and they can’t raid your fridge or bar! Are however easily confused, tricked or bribed so maybe they aren’t all that good a babysitter really but you can trust your kids, even very young ones with them. 

10. Maltese/Highland/Wheaton terrier. If i was ever made to live in a flat/apartment/boathouse or similar again this would probably be the one dog i would consider keeping there. They are so ‘cute’, small , but still cute. Dogs are, by nature, SOCIAL, ACTIVE creatures and in my opinion need space to run and do ‘doggy things’ like roll in the sand and smelly stuff. They also long for companionship so if you can’t be with them 24/7 at least give them a mate who can – Oh, and TRAIN the suckers so they don’t bark non-stop for hours on end when you are not home or when you are and can’t be stuffed investigating what they want you to come and see or just asking them to please be quiet while you watch ‘Idol’!

Ok I enjoyed that – gave my brain somewhere nice and ’emotional’ to rest awhile in 🙂 Ahhhhhhh!


  1. Impressive list! Long hair, Red head? Hmmmm…

    However, I must add one to your list. Yes, I am taking the initiative to make yours the “Top 11 Top Dogs” list…Actually, I’m adding 2! “Top 12 Top Dogs” list… 😉

    11 – 😉 (Tee-Hee, you know you’re getting a kick out of this) The Boxer dog! Yes sir! What a loyal fabulous creature! Their expressive eyes will melt your heart. They’re 60 lb lap dogs! Loaded with character and personality…Love’em!

    12 – Yorkshire Terrier – COME ON! I know…it’s not MY list – but i own one. His name is Duke. Big dog, little puppy!

    Ok, I am done now! 🙂


  2. LOL I hope your never ‘done’ Tam 🙂

    My top ten still stands – feel free to comment and/or make your own top ten! I get where you are at with your additions but personally am not much on ‘small’ dogs, unless they are just so adorable puppies!

    Yup – Boxers sure do have expression, I’ll grant you that one!

    WE staffy’s did not actually go to war with the Yorkies – that was the Lancs – war of the tudor roses! but they are definitely a weird mob up on t’ moors. Goes for their dogs too 😉

    Duke’s a lucky little fella!

    You are a brunette, not a redhead, i take it???? 😉


  3. OK – because I have NO idea what “staffy’s”, “Lancs”, “tudor roses” and “t’moors” is or are I can’t even comment on this!

    Besides this…YES, Duke is lucky!

    I am a fake red head (more burgandy-ish) but I’m not a feline 🙂


  4. J – I called a personal ‘time out’! 🙂

    Tam, OK quick English lesson. Counties are UK equivalent of States only without the state government – just local councils. My home county was Staffordshire (dead centre) Where Staffordshire Bull Terriers get their name – Staffy’s for short.

    ‘Up’ and ‘East’ a bit is Yorkshire – where your little guy’s ancestors came from originally Yorkies. They, in the 16th century went to a civil war (War of the Roses) with Lancashire (Lancs) their neighbours. who are up and west a bit from Staffs.

    Folks have funny accents in these here parts and talk by omiting many vowels from their Queen’s English so ‘to’ and ‘the’ end up as t’. Yorkshire is famous amongst other things for it’s wild moors and even wilder moor farmers/locals . A moor is a desolate patch of high rolling grassland without many trees, just shrubs and grasses.

    Herendeth the ‘lesson’

    Any questions there lass? 😉


  5. I have just ‘saved’ my website page to my hard drive and shall be backing up a copy – it shows me FIVE pictures of someone i admire and value greatly even though we have never met in person and two of my #1 favourite Dog – I am in Heaven! lol 🙂

    I made sure i copied it before anyone else’s photo ruined the effect (sorry J i am just not into gridiron in a big way)

    Including mine! 😉

    You so are not ‘sorry’ – you better not be! I did ask for that – remember? 🙂 Now it can’t ever be taken away from me! lol 🙂


  6. Okie dokie…I’ve had about as much fun for one night as I can handle. My Advil p.m. is kickin’ in and it’s almost the a.m.

    You boys have fun!

    Love – glad I could make you laugh!

    Read my ghost story on Christians blog. But forgive the extra L.O.N.G. run on sentences…I’ll blame it on the sleep aide 😉


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