Time for a New War

OK – The War on Terror has chewed up enough lives and funding, time to end it.


 Nature abhors a vacuum however and loves to Evolve, so…

Time we begin the War on Error!

Lets wipe out false beliefs, factual errors and just plain sloppy thinking wherever it lurks.

By False Beliefs i mean that which we can irrefutably show to be false.

Proving God exists or does not exist has not been done to everyone’s satisfaction for three thousand years and is not likely to be done in our lifetime either.

Showing people make illogical conclusions from biblical or scientific scripture is more of what i had in mind…

N Copernicus

Kind of like Copernicus did when he showed the world why the Church was wrong when it said Earth was the centre of the Universe, and the Sun did not revolve around us but the other way around was the correct form of Truth.

God does not revolve around our tiny minded little Ego’s to exist the way we think of Him, rather it is the other way around – most of us still don’t really get that.

We need a clearer view of how our mind and ego’s work concerning God.

We need a Spiritual Copernicus.



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